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Client Management

A CRM to better manage
your capital relationships

  • Stay organized with a modern database for your current and prospective investors, and other key business contacts
  • Be more productive and reduce risk with a common record of your phone calls, meetings, and notes
  • Collaborate more effectively by sharing information and managing tasks across your team
  • Grow your base of investors by capturing leads directly from your website
Fundraising Automation

Modern, integrated tools
to raise more with less

  • Intelligently target clients and prospects by leveraging the rich investment data stored in Juniper Square
  • Organize and track your team’s fundraising, email, and document-sharing activities for each offering
  • Securely distribute offering documents through NDA-protected data rooms featuring photos, maps, and more
  • Close faster while increasing investor satisfaction with integrated online subscriptions
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Partnership Accounting

Powerful, intuitive tools to replace spreadsheets and automate your back office

Partnership Accounting

Powerful, intuitive tools to replace spreadsheets and automate your back office

  • Easily manage investment ownership and investor records, with support for transfers and the most complex investment structures
  • Reduce errors and eliminate spreadsheets by automating the calculations for capital accounts and waterfalls
  • Save time with purpose-built workflows for processing transactions like capital calls, NAV allocations, and distributions
  • Securely distribute payments to investors, either via integration with your existing accounting system, or via ACH and automated checks
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Best-in-class reporting that will delight both you and your investors

  • Quickly produce customizable capital account statements, transaction notices, and other investor reports
  • Reduce risk with automated calculations of investor returns at the position-, investor-, or portfolio-level
  • Easily manage investor correspondence and investor preferences, including document delivery via email
  • Effortlessly provide investors consolidated reporting across all of their investments with your firm
Investor Portal

Improve investor satisfaction with the industry’s leading investor portal

  • Provide secure access to documents and investment performance in the cloud, anytime, from any device
  • Enable detailed asset reporting, including up to hundreds of asset-level metrics, photos, and more
  • Reduce risk by bulk-uploading personalized documents—such as tax forms—that auto-match to each investor
  • Improve security by allowing investors to manage their sensitive data such as bank details directly via the portal
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