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Capital market insights for modern private partnerships

Providing industry insights, content guides, and other Partnership Enablement resources to support our customers and their investment partners through every stage of partnership.

6 quests to ask when outsourcing a 3rd party FA blog hero x2

Six questions to ask when outsourcing to a third-party fund administrator

Choosing the right third-party administrator is critical to your long-term success. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Reg 2x

Three takeaways from The State of Private Equity webinar

Our recent webinar featured panelists from Kirkland & Ellis, Wells Fargo, and Barings, all discussing what’s happening in the world of private equity. Here are some of the highlights.

Flagship Capital Fundraiser Feature blog hero w CTA

Fundraiser Feature: J.C. Clemens at Flagship Capital Partners

Chief Production Officer J.C. Clemens Jr. explains how the firm has thrived in a counter-cyclical market and is focused on remaining flexible and nimble this year.

Ridgeline Private Fund Feature blog email hero

Private Fund Feature: Andrew McMahon at Ridgeline

Andrew McMahon, the co-founder of Ridgeline, explains why VC is about investing in the founder as much as it is the product and why he’s a fan of longer due diligence periods.

State of Venture Capital Survey Blog hero 2

Venture funds want to raise capital, but will fewer exits trip things up?

Our survey of venture professionals found that 63% plan to raise capital this year, but 66% believe it will be more difficult than before.

Distribution Ep w FD Stonewater Blog thumbnail

An interview with Jeff Toporek, Co-Founder and Principal at FD Stonewater

Brandon Sedloff and Jeff Toporek discuss how the real estate industry is adopting technology, using data to make better decisions, and what the next 18 months might look like.

Are you maintaining shadow books Blog Hero 2 0

Are you maintaining shadow books?

In his latest blog, Adam Walker explains that if you find yourself maintaining shadow books because you don’t trust the work being done by your administrator, it’s time to find a new partner.

Distro Blog Thumbnail Alliance Global

An interview with Heather Border and Jennifer Stevens, co-founders at Alliance Global Advisors

Heather Border and Jennifer Stevens discuss how the real estate industry has gotten more transparent, how CRE GPs can future-proof their business, and the value of service providers.

Investment operations

Why real estate GPs should use this moment to streamline their operations

In order to satisfy investor demand for transparency, accountability, and timely reporting, operational excellence is non-negotiable for CRE GPs.

State of PE Q223 Blog Hero

The State of Private Equity: A Look Back at Q1 2023

The concern haunting PE at the beginning of 2023 was if the industry would see a repeat of ‘07-’08. Here’s where we stand after Q1.

Affinity JSQ blog thumbnail

How VCs are adapting their strategies to new market realities

The markets may normalize over the next year or so, but in the meantime, what should firms do now? Read our latest blog to find out.

April 2023 CRE Blog Hero

Operational spring cleaning

The current deal-making lull allows CRE GPs to improve their internal infrastructure and find new third-party partners.

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