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investor services

Streamlined operations and administrative support

Delivering a start-to-finish investor services solution that includes portal configuration, digital subscriptions, asset data uploads, and K-1 dissemination — saving GPs time while giving LPs a best-in-class experience.

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our difference: End-to-end management

GPs need time back from administrative tasks to focus on building relationships. We provide end-to-end management for GPs and a great portal experience for LPs, so both can focus on their partnership.

Scale operations

Grow your portfolio without complicating or bogging down internal operations.

Onboard LPs seamlessly

Give your investors a professional and user-friendly digital onboarding experience.

Keep critical data current

Ensure that your investor ledger and asset data are up-to-date for LPs and internal stakeholders.

SERVICES: Investor Services

Investor services 2

Ensure data completeness with a professional configuration of your workspace and investor portal.

Simplify LP onboarding with help configuring and managing the digital subscription experience.

Increase controls and automate distributions with a waterfall configured by finance professionals.

Simplify processes with a team dedicated to sharing K-1s with investors and selected advisors.

Model transparency to your investors with services dedicated to keeping key asset data up-to-date.

Promo administration

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Good technology doesn’t replace relationships. It enhances them. Your administrator should do the same.

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