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The trusted partner for trillions in investments

Juniper Square enables wealth advisors to build client relationships and launch proprietary offerings by combining purpose-built software and expert services to deliver powerful solutions for investor management and fund administration.

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our difference: Turnkey solutions for managing private markets

Juniper Square’s integrated fund administration and investor management solutions help wealth advisors scale their private markets investments and enhance the client experience.

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Leverage the Juniper Square platform to give your clients a public market experience in private markets with greater transparency, simplified data access, and streamlined reporting.

Partner with Juniper Square’s institutional-grade fund administration team to launch and operate in-house proprietary funds.

Confidently grow your business with robust systems that can flex to meet the needs of your business today and as you grow.

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juniper square perspectives: How Modern Administration enhances relationships

Good technology doesn’t replace relationships. It enhances them. Your administrator should do the same.

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our platform: An integrated platform for wealth advisors and their clients

Investor Portal

A shared environment for all investor engagement

Investor Reporting

Industry-standard reports for any fund size or type

Investor CRM

A platform built specifically for investor relationships


A digital solution to raise more capital with less effort


Partnership data, transformed into actionable insights

Driving value and impact in private markets

wealth advisors: Modern administration solutions for wealth advisors

Fund Accounting

Employing innovative workflows to keep advisors and their clients up to date on critical fund data while expert accountants manage financials and recommend best practices.

Treasury Services

Providing streamlined processing of capital calls and distributions that automatically updates the investor portal while giving advisors control over the process.

Investor Services

Providing end-to-end management of investor operations and administration for advisors while delivering a great portal experience for clients.

Choose a partner with a proven track record in private markets.

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