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Partnership data transformed into actionable insights

Use dynamic dashboards and data visualizations to optimize fundraising effectiveness, inform investor relations strategies, and make better decisions about where to focus your time.

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What we offer: A powerful and integrated business intelligence tool

Get actionable insights with configurable analytics dashboards that bring together CRM, fundraising, and investment data.

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Our promise: Make the most of your data

Optimize fundraising effectiveness with a more personalized approach.

Gain situational awareness to inform and improve investor relations.

Make proactive decisions with dynamic dashboards that uncover actionable opportunities.

what we offer: Integrated intelligence across your entire platform

CRM Insights

Manage fundraising pipelines to optimize effectiveness

Fundraising Insights

Make better decisions about where to focus your time

Investment Insights

A comprehensive overview of investors and investments

Analytics Tools

Analyze diverse sets of data with easy-to-use tools

Custom Dashboards

Create customized data analyses (Enterprise Edition)

Promo insights

juniper square perspectives: Data-driven insights for real estate investment managers

Better data can also help you pay closer attention to your LPs’ needs, leading to stronger relationships, more referrals, and ultimately, more capital raised.

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Universal platform

our platform: A universal platform for Partnership Enablement

At Juniper Square, we’re uniting industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver solutions that improve transparency, cost, and overall experience for GPs and LPs — regardless of size or structure.

Your partnerships matter. Let us help you grow.

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