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Capital market insights for modern private partnerships

Providing industry insights, content guides, and other Partnership Enablement resources to support our customers and their investment partners through every stage of partnership.

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The state of private equity: A lookback at Q2 2024

Halfway through the year, stabilization is a good thing for PE.

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Demystifying the office market

Owen Thomas of BXP discusses the current office real estate cycle, including signs of rebound, opportunities to watch, and how investing in amenities pays off.

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How to build a venture firm (for the long term)

Those who raise capital today have the potential to see strong returns when the market recovers and be the face of the next generation of venture.

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What CFOs need to know about GenAI

How will GenAI impact the role of the CFO and what challenges and opportunities does this new technology bring?

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The state of venture capital: A look back at Q2 2024

Can the momentum gained across the board in Q2 be maintained to drive a return to growth for venture capital?

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How to be a hands-on partner

Matt Kaplan shares his insights on technology, why people matter as much as the investment, and what good governance really means.

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Institutionalizing niche sectors

Randy Rowe shares the career pivots that led him from law school to his own private investment firm and where he sees future potential.

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A bifurcated world for venture: Insights from Meghan Reynolds

LPs know they need some exposure to the venture market but aren’t sure what that looks like.

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Beyond the asset: The power of platform investing

Matt Kaplan shares his experiences investing in and managing a multi-billion dollar real estate portfolio for almost two decades.

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Fundraiser Feature: Katie Riester at Felicis

Katie Riester, MD and GP of Fund of Funds Investing at Felicis, shares their investing philosophy and why frequent communication and treating all LPs fairly helped make the firm our Top VC Fundraiser.

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Charting the Course: A CFO's Guide to Modern Fund Management in 2024

Watch our panel with PWC for a discussion on the latest trends, strategies, and technologies shaping the future of fund management.

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Trust, talent, and technology at Altimeter and TPG

Altimeter's dedication to “essentialism” has helped it build a fund managing $8 billion in AUM with both public and private market exposure.

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