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Fundraising & Onboarding

Raise more capital with less effort

A modern fundraising solution to reduce manual work, deliver faster closes, and create a frictionless experience for your investors and internal teams.

Digital fundraising: Accelerate time to close with frictionless fundraising and onboarding tools

Fundraising is hard, even in the best of times. Stop adding more friction with disjointed systems and service providers. Over 1,800 GPs have used Juniper Square to seamlessly and securely raise billions of dollars with their private investment partners around a single, shared view.

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Leverage investor target lists and automated communications to create and maintain stronger partnerships.

Intuitive navigation and step-by-step guidance make it simple for LPs to review and sign documents, while investor profiles make it easy for returning investors to commit to your next opportunity.

Enable your team, investors, and advisors to participate in the onboarding process collectively.

Secure investment material in your data room with tailored access settings, watermarks, and NDAs.

Leverage industry-standard, built-in workflows to save time and minimize manual effort.

Build a deeper understanding of your fundraising efforts with pipeline management tools and dynamic dashboards.

WHAT WE OFFER: An integrated fundraising service

Our team of experts stands ready to configure and manage the digital subscription experience during busy fundraises.

What powers our digital fundraising solution?

Our purpose-built investor CRM, investor portal, digital subscriptions & data rooms, and Insights tools work together to provide a complete view of all partnership information in a single, unified platform.

Digital subscriptions data rooms

Digital Subscriptions & Data Rooms: Purpose-built software streamlines your fundraising efforts

Securely distribute dynamic information about investment opportunities and automate the onboarding process.

  • Leverage pipeline tracking to inform targeted outreach and improve your fundraising strategy
  • Deliver a best-in-class investor experience with digital data rooms
  • Eliminate the manual effort and added risk of paper-based subscriptions

Investor CRM: A purpose-built tool to strengthen investor relationships

Our investor CRM is designed for private investments and integrates with your investment data, data rooms, and the investor portal so your teams can easily build stronger relationships.

  • Leverage investor target lists and automated communications to streamline communications
  • Simplify team collaboration through a shared task system and easy-to-use communication tools
  • Get a unified view of prospects and investors, including historical communication and investment data
Insights 1

Insights: Transform partnership data into actionable insights

Get real-time data visualizations to optimize fundraising and develop thoughtful investor relations strategies. Gain a deeper understanding of your fundraising efforts and investor behavior to make smarter decisions and drive better outcomes for your partnerships.

  • Optimize fundraising effectiveness with a more personalized approach
  • Gain situational awareness to inform and improve investor relations
  • Dynamic dashboards help uncover actionable opportunities

Serving the fundraising needs of commercial real estate, private equity, and venture capital firms.

Investment lifecycle management: A universal system for private investment partnerships

Connect data rooms and digital subscriptions directly to your investor CRM, portal, and business intelligence platform, and move seamlessly from fundraising to ongoing operations.

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WHITE PAPER: Ready. Set. Fundraise.

Our latest white paper on fundraising and onboarding explores how GPs can use technology to deliver a tailored investing experience for individual LPs, how digital tools eliminate common fundraising hurdles and slowdowns, and how a modern fundraising solution supports ongoing investor management.

Read the white paper

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Partnership Enablement allows GPs and LPs to connect, communicate, and collaborate throughout the entire private investment lifecycle—all based on a single source of truth.