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Fund Administration

Modernize the administration of funds and SPVs

Stop relying on legacy administrators with stagnant business models built on disjointed technology solutions. Set your fund up for long-term success with a modern administrator who can adapt to changing regulatory standards and investor expectations to deliver enterprise-building value.

What makes us different: A fund administrator for the entire investment lifecycle

Modern administration goes beyond financial reporting by pairing a world-class team of fund accountants with a universal system for managing the entire investment lifecycle to deliver a technology-led partnership experience.

Drive investor engagement and satisfaction with an administrator powered by purpose-built in-house technology.

Streamline communication and information sharing to improve transparency and enable shared workflows.

Unite investor, investment, and accounting information to drive advanced reporting and insights.

What we offer: Integrated administration services

Juniper Square’s fund administration solutions enhance transparency between you, your advisors, and investors by combining expert accounting, treasury, and investor services with a modern portal experience.

Fund Accounting

Innovative workflows combined with expert fund accountants keeps both you and your LPs up-to-date on critical fund data.

Treasury Services

Professional management of capital calls and distributions keeps the investor portal up-to-date while giving you complete visibility and control.

Investor Services

A start-to-finish solution including portal configuration, digital subscriptions, asset data uploads, and K-1 dissemination.

What powers our modern fund administration solution?

Developed to overcome the limitations of a legacy approach to fund administration, our investor portal, investor CRM, and reporting tools come together to deliver a complete view of all partnership information in a single, unified platform.

Investor portal 2

Investor Portal: Deliver an institutional-quality investor experience

Strengthen your partnerships by unifying finance, investor relations, and other stakeholders around an investor portal designed for private partnerships.

Investor reporting 2

Investor Reporting: Deliver financial and investor reporting at scale

Our accounting experts maintain your investor ledger and fund performance metrics to ensure the accuracy of your accounting data, delivers personalized reporting, and reduce time, error, and risk.

CRM 1b

Investor CRM: Promote collaboration and integrate key stakeholders

Unite your teams with a purpose-built investor CRM, gaining a single, unified view of all investor relations activity.

Serving the fund administration needs of commercial real estate, private equity, and venture capital firms.

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Juniper Square Insights: An expansive approach to administration

Modern administration pairs world-class fund accountants with a universal system for managing the entire investment lifecycle. Our approach builds solutions that help our clients manage and thrive in a changing industry. Learn more about the principles and benefits of modern administration.

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Juniper Square delivers end-to-end solutions for commercial real estate, private equity, and venture capital firms.

We’ve earned SOC-1 and SOC-2 certifications and we utilize the highest industry standards for encryption, data storage, and authentication to ensure the safety of your data.

Juniper Square: Where partnerships drive potential

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Partnership Enablement allows GPs and LPs to connect, communicate, and collaborate throughout the entire private investment lifecycle—all based on a single source of truth.