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Expert teams, rigorous process, deep collaboration

No matter the complexity, our team can support your allocation methodology.

Our Team

Each member of the waterfall team has undergone extensive training in investment allocation modeling. They have the expertise to process complex fund documents, identify and understand nuances of waterfall structures, analyze historical calculation files, and build tailored models.

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We take pride in our accomplished team and well-established processes. In fact, we uncover errors in ~40% of waterfall models built by prior teams. Throughout our engagement, we’re committed to delivering excellent service with transparency and clarity to our clients.

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Juniper Square

Our approach

Rigorous processes and detailed reviews

Staff your team

We match your needs—whether that’s asset class, structure, or distribution methodology—to the skills and backgrounds of our waterfall team members.


Review documents

Our team will thoroughly review your documents and historical calculation files.


Lead a strategy call

Our team lead will host a strategy call to discuss our findings and gain alignment before we start configuring your waterfall.


Configure and test the waterfall

Our team will build and test the waterfall model using either sample data or historical activity (if it’s an existing investment). All results go through our internal quality reviews.


Confirm results

Our team will review the waterfall model and results with you to confirm accuracy and to surface any further questions or complexities. We will continue to collaborate with you until you approve the final model.


Conduct ongoing calculations

We’ll use the final waterfall model to allocate your distributions, calculate carry, etc.

Our expertise

Waterfall expertise

Our specialized waterfall team has experience with closed-end, open-end, and evergreen fund structures across real estate, private equity, venture, private debt, hybrid, and fund of funds strategies. And we’re able to handle the complexities of American, modified American, and European waterfalls. Some of the nuances our teams address across structures, strategies, and waterfall types include:

  • Dividend reinvestment plans
  • Side letters
  • Investor-level hurdles
  • Greater-of hurdles
  • Clawbacks
  • Tiered carried interest
  • Promote crystallization

Our clients

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Kudos to your team on models. You fixed mistakes we’d made and then built models that limit the potential for future errors.

Juniper Square client

Waterfalls 2

This is one of the most professional teams we’ve ever worked with.

Juniper Square client

Waterfalls 1

It makes a ton of sense to separate the pref accruals and waterfall modeling from the core fund accounting.

Juniper Square client

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