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deal services

End-to-end solutions for time-starved syndicators

Save time and maximize internal resources by outsourcing fundraising, onboarding, and investor management operations to Juniper Square.

Fundraising 2

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT:: Investment lifecycle management solutions for syndicators

Syndicators’ time is best spent raising capital, sourcing deals, and delivering returns. Yet ongoing activities like managing subscriptions or processing distributions consume limited internal resources and inhibit growth.

With Deal Services from Juniper Square, you can outsource all the work associated with portal setup, subscriptions, and end-to-end distributions to our team of professionals. The result? More time and resources to ensure every team member is focused on what they do best.

Investor services 2

Grow your business without costly expansion efforts or overextending your current team.

Our onboarding and investor management experts become an extension of your office.

Impress your LPs with a best-in-class digital onboarding and portal experience.

Build redundancy and security with a second set of eyes on key workflows.

What We Offer: Comprehensive services solutions for syndicators

Investor onboarding

Our experts will configure and manage the digital subscription experience to simply LP onboarding.

Portal configuration and K-1s

Delight your investors with our award-winning technology platform while our team configures the portal, uploads asset data, and disseminates K-1s.

Capital calls and distributions

Streamline your treasury operations with professional management of capital calls and distributions, including calculations, notice generation, and payments.

We’ve earned SOC-1 and SOC-2 certifications and we utilize the highest industry standards for encryption, data storage, and authentication to ensure the safety of your data.

Serving the operational needs of syndicators across the U.S.