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treasury services

Professional management of capital calls and distributions

Giving GPs visibility and control over capital calls and distributions, all within a unified portal, so they can reclaim time and deliver a modern experience to investors.

Treasury services 1

our difference: Streamline the process while enhancing controls

Managing capital activity can be time-consuming, error-prone, and stress-inducing. Our experts manage the process while automatically keeping GP systems up-to-date.

Save time

Leverage a team of professionals to manage capital calls, contributions, and distributions.

Keep LPs informed

Deliver timely and professional capital activity statements to LPs — posted directly to their investor portal.

Reduce errors and risk

Enhance controls with technology-driven calculations and human-driven reviews and approvals.

services: Treasury Services

Treasury services 2

Save time, reduce risk, and keep your portal current as our team manages capital calls.

Keep internal stakeholders and LPs informed as our team confirms contributions.

Simplify processes and bolster reviews as our team calculates investor allocations and generates distribution notices.

Simplify distributions as our team handles payments made via check, wire, and ACH.

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