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Capital market insights for modern private partnerships

Providing industry insights, content guides, and other Partnership Enablement resources to support our customers and their investment partners through every stage of partnership.

Investment Operations and Administration

Research results: Better investment administration needed to support growing LP expectations

A recent survey of CRE executives provides insights on the industry drivers and challenges CRE investment managers are facing in operations and administration today.

Institutional Reporting Needs A Reboot

Institutional reporting needs a reboot

Only one in seven LPs say they receive “good data in a timely manner.” Juniper Square's Institutional Reporting unifies all partners around a shared digital record of investment data.

SURVEY RESULTS How The Fastest Growing CRE Investment Firms Run Their Businesses

Research results: How the fastest-growing CRE investment firms run their businesses

We conducted a survey of CRE executives to better understand what the fastest-growing commercial real estate investment firms were doing differently.

Is the Hotel Real Estate Sector Ready for a Rebound

Is the hotel real estate sector ready for a rebound?

Hospitality executive Jatin Desai provides an expert perspective on emerging trends and strategies to take advantage of the recovery in hotel real estate.

Juniper Square Ponders Future of Office With Digital First Hybrid Workplace Strategy

Juniper Square ponders future of office with digital-first, hybrid workplace strategy

Juniper Square shares an inside look to becoming a digital-first, hybrid workplace - why they made their decision, how they implemented it, and what the results were.

Searching for a Real Estate Fund Admin Ask These Questions

Searching for a real estate fund admin? Ask these questions.

Whether you’re starting your search or re-evaluating your current fund admin, we recommend using these 4 measures to assess a fund admin’s quality and value.

Digital First at Juniper Square

Digital first at Juniper Square

Juniper Square shares plans on entering the post-Covid era as a digital-first, hybrid company, headquartered in the Cloud.

How CRE Investors Are Fundraising in 2021

How CRE investors are fundraising in 2021

Juniper Square customers, MJW Investments and ApexOne, discuss emerging commercial real estate trends and capital raising in 2021.

Marketing moment blog hero

4 Juniper Square updates that will make fundraising even more efficient

Juniper Square is constantly building new tools to streamline fundraising and improve productivity. Here are several new features that will increase workflow efficiency.

15 Tips to Streamline the Year End Process

15 tips to streamline the year-end process

Juniper Square gathered CRE leaders, tax planning, and fund administration experts to discuss year-end challenges. Here are 15 tips to make the process run smoothly.

JSQ CRE Survey Results Blog

Research results: CRE executives share fundraising strategies for 2021

In our annual CRE capital-raising survey, we asked executives about their fundraising and capital-raising plans for 2021.

How Technology Can Fuel CRE Sponsors Fundraising Success

How technology can fuel CRE GPs’ fundraising success

Nearly 90% of managers planning to raise more capital in 2021 say they would like to accelerate their growth via faster and more efficient fundraising.

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