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Client Benefits

Cut to the chase

BGO now offers investors a unified view of key partnership details and documents across all their investments. This polished, interactive environment supports targeted communication, drives engagement, and streamlines the flow of information.

With one platform, BGO can work as one global team across investor relations and capital raising rather than be siloed into fund-specific teams. Over 400k documents, 4,000 investor accounts, and 9,000 individual contacts are now managed from a single source of truth.

At the end of the project, 326 investment vehicles, which were grouped into 40 parent strategies, were brought into a single common structure within Juniper Square—without negatively impacting ongoing fund accounting or reporting processes.

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THE CLIENT: Meet BentallGreenOak

BentallGreenOak (BGO) is a leading global real estate investment management advisor and globally-recognized real estate services provider. BGO serves more than 750 institutional clients with the global asset management of office, retail, industrial and multi-residential properties. BGO has offices in 28 cities across 13 countries with deep local knowledge, experience, and extensive networks in the regions where they invest and manage real estate assets on behalf of their clients.

THE CHALLENGE: A Disconnected LP Experience

BGO had grown significantly, and consequently, some investors were required to log into different portals to track their investments. Different portals created different user experiences. All this was exacerbated by multiple third-party administrators who managed some, but not all, of the investor portals.

Beyond resolving the operational inefficiencies, management also wanted to build an industry-leading investor experience for all BGO LPs, offering investors a unified view of key partnership details and documents across all their investments.

THE GOAL: A Unified Platform

It wasn’t enough to consolidate multiple portals into one. BGO wanted to move beyond a static, passive document-only portal and create a single, unified, dynamic view of the investor, complete with key details of the account. The new investor portal would become one of BGO’s core applications, creating a shared environment for investor engagement and secure document access.

Doug Prichard, vice president within BGO’s Business Enable and Innovation group, explained, "We realized as we had scaled up that it was past time to provide a single, global experience. Our investors could access detailed fund-by-fund information, but we wanted one consolidated BentallGreenOak investor experience across our global platform.”

They also wanted to significantly reduce the operational burden of managing an ever-growing environment and break down internal silos so leadership would have one “BentallGreekOak view” into the data. The goal was to make it easy to look at an investor’s position across multiple funds, know their history, and understand the performance of that client’s investments—with no manual lift.

Photo of Doug Prichard

Our goal was to provide an industry-leading investor experience using one consolidated platform. Investors had a fund-by-fund experience. We wanted a BentallGreenOak experience that was consistent across all investors.

Doug Prichard
Vice President, Business Enablement and Innovation


The data and documents from seven primary systems were ultimately consolidated into a single Juniper Square instance—totaling 400,000 documents, 4,000 investor accounts, and 9,000 individual contacts. At the end of the project, 326 investment vehicles, which were grouped into 40 parent strategies, were brought into a single common structure within Juniper Square. One BGO team—Investor Relations—now controls the portal. Direct ownership lets them correct and present accurate data in a consolidated and dynamic portal view when working with investors.

More importantly, BGO is moving to a more efficient approach for their investor portal(s). Juniper Square’s digital partnership platform empowers BGO to:

  • Provide a comprehensive and complete view of partnership information, allowing BGO to scale to meet any investor's or investment's needs

  • Offer flexible and automated support for managing the capital account and payments with minimal effort

  • Offer enterprise-class security, options for enhanced compliance, and the ability to extend the value of data within the enterprise

BGO can now also see all positions across all LPs, which has given leadership even greater visibility and control.

With the one system, BGO can more easily coalesce and work as a global IR team rather than fund-specific teams. “Now we can leverage our scale to work better together. Common practices will make us more efficient and empower us to do better for our investors globally,” concluded Doug.

Thanks to Juniper Square, BGO can provide investors with an interactive, shared view of the partnership and grant secure access to key documents, facilitating the efficient flow of information.

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