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Brazos Residential

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Customer Benefits

Cut to the chase

Deliver an institutional-quality experience and increase LP satisfaction with a purpose-built CRM designed to strengthen investor relationships.

Leverage pipeline tracking to inform more targeted outreach and improve their fundraising strategy, impressing potential investors with intuitive, interactive, and secure data rooms.

Automate the process of assembling subscription documents, validating data capture, and capturing e-signatures in a process that integrates with a purpose-built CRM and investment management system.

Meet the firm: Brazos Residential

Founded in 2022, Brazos Residential owns, operates, and manages multifamily real estate assets for institutional and high-net-worth investors nationwide. The firm owns over 3,000 multifamily units across the American Sunbelt, predominately in Texas and North Carolina. Brazos employs a dynamic team of real estate, private equity, accounting, and capital market professionals and controls over $350 million in multifamily real estate investments.

The Challenge: Go-to-market with an institutional-quality investor experience

Throughout his career, Brazos Residential co-founder William Hancock had seen more than his fair share of “fly-by-night” firms. He had also personally interacted with several platforms as an individual investor and knew which providers had failed to meet his expectations. William was determined that the Brazos fundraising and reporting processes be as seamless and institutional-quality as possible for LPs from day one.

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When you're handling investors, the currency you're trading in is their time and interest. It's paramount to ensure that the investor experience is as seamless and intuitive as possible and something that will be mindful of the investor’s time.

William Hancock
Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Brazos Residential

William also wanted to streamline the investor experience with a modern, digital data room that he could send via email—or even text—to a prospect so they could access all the deal documents with one click of a button. He exclaimed, “If you make things difficult, they don't invest. They can think it's a great opportunity, but if you make it cumbersome for people to invest, they simply won’t.”

The Goal: Build a smart system that scales

BCCing hundreds of LPs on one email to share an update—a task Director of Investor Relations Taylor Leander remembered doing early in his career—was simply not an option for Brazos. Taylor regularly contacts Brazos’s investors, typically sending at least one investor update on every deal the firm owns monthly. He required a platform that would make it easier to communicate with investors on a more frequent basis.

He also wanted the confidence that he was sending the right message to the right investor—every single time. As William explained, “Sometimes we're doing raises simultaneously. We don't want our entire database to get one deal and then be hit with another deal right behind it. We needed a way to quickly say, ‘Hey, that LP just subscribed to this other deal. We don't want them to pull that investment for this new deal. Let's keep them off the announcement.’” With all their investor data in one place, rather than a generic listserv, it would make Brazos’s messaging much more efficient and error-proof.

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The Process: Why did Brazos choose Juniper Square?

As Taylor said, “The groups we admire all use Juniper Square. If the groups you want to emulate and compete with use it, it’s a pretty easy choice.” He also recognized the firm couldn’t afford a false start by going with another provider. “This was going to set the tone for us. You don’t want to sign everyone up and then change systems. You want to work with a partner that has staying power.”

William knew Juniper Square was undeniably the best platform to help grow his company. Brazos could seamlessly connect and communicate with more investors to raise capital more efficiently and i​​ncrease LP satisfaction through a modern, shared, on-demand view of the partnership. He also recognized that many institutional investors Brazos wanted to work with were already using Juniper Square. Instead of asking them to learn yet another system, he could give them one they were already familiar with and trusted. “It does not need to be hard or complicated. It doesn't need to be time-consuming. Juniper Square is easy and intuitive,” William concluded.

Juniper Square is the default standard for our space. It’s the first option.

William Hancock
Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Brazos Residential

He recounted the numerous times an investor had committed to a deal but hadn't signed their subscription documents. When time was of the essence, Juniper Square’s digital platform would ensure LPs quickly and easily subscribed, locking in that capital for Brazos. Taylor concluded, “We live in a digital age. I don't know if we have any hard-copy subscription documents or packages in our office anymore. Completing an investment using your phone—that ease and the availability—is a huge value.”

The Outcome: A best-in-class platform from the start

Brazos was able to utilize Juniper Square to get off the ground running with their capital-raising efforts, closing four transactions within its first 30 days and 15 transactions by the end of its inaugural year. Purchasing over $350MM in multifamily assets and raising over $100MM in equity during the firm’s first twelve months would not be possible without utilizing Juniper Square.

“Having the highest level of investor management doesn’t need to be hard. You can do that with the right tool, and Juniper Square is perfect,” said Taylor. Thanks to the Juniper Square platform, Brazos can connect with their investors more often and feel confident with the interaction, deepening those relationships with timely and relevant information.

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