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    More productive fundraising.

    “In this market environment it’s essential to move quickly, and Juniper Square helps us collaborate and manage the fundraising process more efficiently,” said Eschelman.

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    Better client experience.

    “Juniper Square provides us access to the types of tools that traditionally were only available to the biggest of the big PE firms, which in turn enables us to punch well above our weight when it comes to relating to our clients” said Sagan.

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    More efficient back office.

    “Juniper Square has really helped us optimize as a company. What used to be stored in email threads, various Excel spreadsheets, and in people’s heads is now organized, recorded, and accessible in Juniper Square. It has made a big difference,” said Eschelman.


Build Capital is the capital markets division of Build Inc, a San Francisco real estate development firm founded in 1999 to specialize in high-quality mixed-use residential development. Build Inc has nearly 2,000 units of new multifamily housing in its development pipeline, and is well known for making privately financed, publicly accessible open space a bedrock of its projects across San Francisco.


Scott Eschelman, a Build Inc Principal, identified the need to create a formal capital markets division to support Build Inc’s next phase of growth. He was looking for a software platform that supported every phase of the capital markets process, while also remaining relevant to the accounting and project management divisions of the company.

“It was important initially to organize our database of over 1,000 contacts into a clear, consistent, and accessible format so that we could integrate those contacts into our fundraising process. Further, we wanted to maintain and track our interactions with investors and lenders, so that both sides had a transparent and functional system throughout the life of their investment,” said Eschelman.


Scott was familiar with the incumbent CRM providers, and found it comforting to know that Juniper Square was designed specifically for private markets fundraising. “What I love about Juniper Square is that out of the box it comes configured with what you need. We are a small shop without dedicated IT, so it’s important that our business tools ‘just work,’” said Eschelman.

Juniper Square addresses every stage of the capitalization cycle and has become a critical component of our day-to-day workflow.

Scott Eschelman



“Juniper Square is the epitomy of efficiency through technology. Since our implementation over a year ago, Juniper Square has played a pivotal role in sourcing more than $250mm of capital from institutional funds and syndicates of small investors – without the requirement of adding personnel. The software addresses every stage of the capitalization cycle and has become a critical component of our day-to-day workflow,” said Eschelman.

Loring Sagan, Principal of Build Inc, adds, “Juniper Square’s portal has been an invaluable tool for managing our investor relationships.” He notes, “Not only does Juniper Square offer the right tool for the job, the complexity of multiple capital sources requires a ‘multi-tool’ that can manage all of our investments and investor communications.”

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