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CanTex Capital

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Customer Benefits

Cut to the chase

“We used Excel at the beginning, and it was very difficult to keep track of everything. Juniper Square put an end to our outdated, manual processes.”

“It’s been so helpful to not have to keep track of distributions and cap tables and all of that. I can’t imagine having to figure that out on my own. I don’t know what I would do without Juniper Square.”

“Investors always know what’s happening with their money, and they know they always have my ear.”

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Customer Overview

CanTex Capital is a premier commercial real estate investment firm based in Dallas-Fort Worth. They focus on the repositioning and redevelopment of Class B infill industrial properties throughout Texas.

“We've done some hospitality and some development in the past, our sole focus now is on infill industrial warehouses in Texas. That's what we're buying because that’s where we see the most opportunity,” said CEO Romit Cheema.

And this momentum shows little sign of slowing down: According to the Q3 2022 JLL Industrial Insight report, the industrial market in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area continues to lead the nation, with both realized demand from move-ins and current demand from leasing activity during this time among the highest quarters on record.

Since their inception in 2018, CanTex has acquired over 5 million square feet of industrial product. However, this growth likely wouldn’t have been possible if Romit hadn’t found a way to overcome early operational challenges.

The Challenge

Prior to Juniper Square, fundraising at CanTex Capital was a time-consuming, manual process. The team spent a great deal of time manually managing tasks such as sending out offerings, tracking commitments, ensuring documents had been signed, and keeping information organized and accurate. “I had sticky notes everywhere,” said CEO Romit Cheema. “It was a big challenge to keep track of everything.”

It wasn’t long until the firm had built up enough business and budget to seek out an investment management software solution. And when they did, the first vendor they worked with left much to be desired. “We were having issues with the software,” explained Romit.

Romit knew he needed to find a better vendor. And with well over 100 real estate investment management platforms currently on the market, he decided to rely on the advice of people he trusts to make this critical choice.

Photo of Romit Cheema

“I had a lot of colleagues and friends who used Juniper Square and they suggested I check it out. We made the switch and haven’t looked back since.”

Romit Cheema
CanTex Capital

The Results

CanTex now uses Juniper Square for quarterly reporting, and investor response to the new system has been overwhelmingly positive. “I think if we didn't have Juniper Square, my communication with my investors wouldn’t be as seamless as it is now,” he said. “When they ask me questions, I can direct them to the investor portal where they’ll find the answers to almost every question they’ll have. It makes them feel more comfortable seeing their signed documents, how much money they have, how many distributions have come out—all in one place.”

Indeed, a recent article in Private Equity International highlighted the growing demand for transparency among LPs, and the rising popularity of investor portals like Juniper Square to satisfy this need.

That transparency is huge—we’re holding a lot of capital and a lot of people’s money. It’s very helpful for them to see all their information in the portal, in real-time, at any time.”

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Romit added that Juniper Square has allowed him to provide a more personalized experience to his investors. “I can call them and point to something in their data that’s happening in real time,” he said. “That creates a real sense of trust. Yes, they're investing in industrial assets. Yes, they're investing in the geographic markets we're investing in. Yes, they're investing in those specific business plans and our ability to execute. But at the end of the day, they're investing in the sponsor and our relationship.”

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