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    More productive.

    “By keeping everyone on the same page, our team has become more productive and more efficient at sharing information,” said Evers.

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    Streamlined back office.

    “Managing our private investor relationships has become seamless with Juniper Square. The product enables us to provide a level of personalization and transparency that would be hard to achieve without signficantly adding to staff resources,” said Magaddino.

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    One place for data.

    “Now we can capture all of the data and information about our relationships and clients in a single, secure, and dynamic repository,” said Ellis.


Founded in 1993, Ellis Partners is one of Northern California’s largest commercial developers and investors. Working with a long-standing group of private and institutional partners, the firm has successfully acquired and developed assets valued at over $2 billion across office, retail, industrial and mixed use product types. The firm’s multi-faceted capabilities include land entitlement and development, property repositioning, adaptive re-use and historic renovation.


Ellis Partners operates in a fast-paced environment and serves its tenants and investors across a range of diverse business lines, requiring countless interactions between its employees and its many business contacts. As the firm grew, it became harder and harder to keep everyone informed.

“We were lacking a central repository for some of our key business information,” said Jim Ellis, Managing Principal. Melinda Ellis Evers, also Managing Principal, added, “We had a lot of institutional knowledge locked up in our employees’ heads, on their notepads, and in spreadsheets. We needed a tool that would help us gather it in one place so that we could collaborate more efficiently.”


“In all of the solutions we examined, the level of customization required to meet our needs was so extreme that the solutions quickly lost any viability,” said Peter Magaddino, Partner and CFO.

“When we learned that Juniper Square was building software that would provide the same capabilities as these other solutions, and came customized for real estate companies, we were immediately intrigued,” said Magaddino. He added, “That the product also helps us manage our back office more effectively was icing on the cake.”

Managing our private investor relationships has become seamless with Juniper Square. Our investors love it, and even recommend it to others.

Peter Magaddino



“All Ellis Partners employees now use Juniper Square to collaborate on the firm’s business contacts, getting valuable information out of people’s heads and into our corporate database,” said Evers. The Ellis Partners team makes use of the Outlook and mobile directory integration to access their contacts directly from the applications they use most, saving valuable time.

Juniper Square’s back office features have helped them streamline their interactions with their private investors, while providing a more personalized level of service. “Our investors love it; in fact, one has already recommended Juniper Square to another manager,” said Magaddino.

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