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    Better client experience.

    “From the client portal to the ability to easily deliver highly personalized correspondence, the feedback from our clients has been unanimously positive,” said Whipple.

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    More productive.

    “By keeping our team communicating effectively, Juniper Square has made us much more effective and productive,” said Sherman. “The ease of the user interface, the responsiveness of the system, and the flexibility of Juniper Square make it far superior to the predecessor systems,” added Sherman.

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    One place for data.

    “I’m confident our investor information is secure, and available whenever I need it. Data that used to be stored across multiple spreadsheets is now consolidated into one secure repository that’s easy to update,” said Chief Operating Officer Caskie Collet.


Since the firm’s inception in 1992, The Reliant Group has acquired over $2 billion of real estate and loan transactions. The firm has focused on acquiring and developing market rate and affordable multifamily housing since 1999, and in 2001 launched its first discretionary investment fund. It has since acquired or developed more than 14,000 units of affordable and market rate housing across the country. Reliant’s funds are backed by hundreds of family office, foundation and high-net-worth relationships.


As Reliant prepared to raise the eighth discretionary investment fund in its Capital Accelerator Program series, they knew they needed to upgrade their technology infrastructure. “Over the years, we’ve tried a number of different CRM systems, but we struggled with the customization required to get them to work for private equity fundraising, reporting, storage, and communications,” said President Joe Sherman.

Complicating matters further, none of the off-the-shelf CRM solutions integrated with Reliant’s legacy investor management system, which itself was very cumbersome and difficult to use. As a result, functions were duplicated across systems, fundraising efforts were less effective, and an inordinate amount of Reliant staff time was spent on routine back office tasks like producing quarterly reports, capital calls, and tax forms.


Reliant conducted an extensive review of the leading incumbent CRM and private equity software providers, but couldn’t find a solution that met its needs. Reliant found the incumbent solutions to be expensive, difficult to use, and hard to customize. Then, Reliant was introduced to Juniper Square early in the product design. “Compared to our previous systems, Juniper Square was just so straightforward and easy to use,” said Controller Katherine Whipple. “With Juniper Square, we are getting the unique attributes of software that feels custom-built for our operation, but at a fraction of the cost,” said Whipple.

Juniper Square has saved us money by freeing up staff to focus on high value activities. I’m confident our investor information is well organized, easily accessible, and secure.

Caskie Collet



Reliant now manages hundreds of investor relationships using Juniper Square. Capital calls, distribution notices, investor information packages, quarterly statements, and tax forms are all distributed through the Juniper Square platform. This tax season, Reliant used Juniper Square to encrypt and securely deliver hundreds of K-1s to their investors, using Juniper Square’s tracking features to confirm their investors were actually receiving the documents. Reliant is also using Juniper Square to manage their fundraising effort to hundreds of prospects for their eighth fund, which they expect to close soon using Juniper Square’s capabilities. Juniper Square helps them track correspondence, notes, and manage their pipeline.

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