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Rock Mountain Capital

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Customer Benefits

Cut to the chase

RMC now has a one-stop shop where LPs can access all the information about their investments whenever they want, as well as self-serve.

The RMC team saves time and minimizes costly errors during the subscription process thanks to Juniper Square’s system, which processes key documents, accurately identifies the right user, and sends information out in a timely manner.

RMC can now better identify which LPs are more likely to be interested in certain investments and can put the right deals in front of the right people.

  • platform companies


  • add-on acquisitions supported


  • investment in portfolio companies


Customer Overview

Rock Mountain Capital (RMC) is a private equity firm focused on investing in and growing middle-market companies in the consumer goods & services, healthcare services, and technology media & telecom (TMT) sectors. RMC invests on behalf of long-term, value-creation-focused entrepreneurs, family offices, and institutional investors.

RMC works with entrepreneurs and management teams to accelerate organizational development, execute organic growth opportunities, and pursue strategic M&A and roll-up/consolidation strategies

The Challenge

COO/CFO Judith Ottensoser wanted to give existing investors a centralized investor portal where LPs could quickly access capital accounts, K-1s, subscription docs, and more—all in one place. RMC is a small team, and Judith needed a “smart system” to act as her back office.

“It was clear that we needed more infrastructure. But I didn’t want something that just helped me post documents. We might have eight different investments and K-1s going out to 20 people on all of those investments. Having a smart system to process those documents, identify the right user, and send that information out is super helpful.”

In addition to an investor portal for existing investors, Judith also knew the firm needed a robust CRM that could keep a record of all interactions with prospective and existing investors and allowed for that information to be easily shared across the RMC team.

Knowing which RMC contacts and investors were more likely to be interested in certain investments meant Judith and her team could make smarter business decisions faster. “If we have 600 contacts, I want to know which ten people we've been speaking with about our next healthcare deal and how the last conversation went. Rather than keeping everything on an Excel file that goes stale, we needed a one-stop shop where everyone can log on and see who followed up with this person last, their feedback, and the most recent information about each interaction.”

The Process

Judith was introduced to Juniper Square in 2019 when she was working with another firm. She was a power user, acting as the firm’s investment manager with the software’s help. When she joined RMC and began searching for a new CRM, she reached out to Juniper Square.

When compared to other platforms that felt too complicated or not useful for private equity firms, Juniper Square was much more user-friendly. This was important to Judith because she wanted to be sure everyone at RMC would be comfortable with the platform. “We wanted to have everyone use it rather than rely on one person who knows the system,” she explained.

The onboarding experience with Juniper Square confirmed RMC had made the right decision.

Our onboarding team was a group of bright people who understand what we’re trying to accomplish, similar to us in our thinking, and spoke our language. They are committed to getting you up and running.”

Judith Ottensoser
Rock Mountain Capital

“That’s ultimately why we went with Juniper Square,” she concluded. “I knew the product would be a good fit, but you also need the right people to help you.”

The Results

While Judith and her team immediately saw value in having a consolidated investor portal for their clients, one of the biggest wins was how the Juniper Square system ensured accuracy in subscription documents.

While RMC sends KYC and subscription documents to each investor, historically, the law firm they were working with on the deal collected and reviewed the paperwork, chased down and corrected any errors, and shared the clean documents with the investor for final signoff. When managing dozens of investors, plus all their documents, tiny errors can add up—both in terms of time and cost. “At one point, we had the paralegal, associate, and partner copied on everything, all for something as simple as an investor using the wrong entity. It could cost us $10,000 in lawyer’s fees to track down and correct those simple documentation errors.”

Thanks to the Juniper Square platform, each investor has a user profile that makes it easy for them to quickly—and accurately—complete multiple subscription documents across multiple investments. The autofill feature ensures little mistakes no longer happen, saving RMC hours of back-and-forth and thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees.

Juniper Square is a good fit for private equity because it’s a one-stop shop CRM for existing and prospective investors. The platform is user-friendly for the GP and LP. Being able to deliver electronic subscription documents? That was an added bonus.”

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