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    Focus on what matters

    Slate needed an investor relations management software solution that would support the unique needs of the commercial real estate industry. Juniper Square’s focus on real estate investment operations enabled the Slate team to focus on what really matters — their investors. Now, instead of spending time filling out irrelevant fields in a CRM, they use Juniper Square to uncover ways to grow their network, streamline fund administration and reporting, and nurture deeper, more meaningful relationships.

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    A holistic view of the business

    Slate’s openness to technology and innovation is driven by their commitment to constantly improve the customer experience from start to finish. And that commitment begins with a greater understanding of customers and their needs. Managing Director Jerry Cain described the importance of a CRM tool to do that, “We work with thousands of institutional investors and, as we grow our business, we need to not only keep up with and track our day-to-day interactions with them, but really dig into what’s going on and understand what trends are emerging. To do that, it’s crucially important to have a holistic view into our network to see how conversations are progressing so we can have a better understanding of our clients’ needs.” With Juniper Squares’s CRM, Slate was able to look holistically across their customer base to gather new and insightful data that they then used to rethink and improve their capital-raising process.

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    Time savings

    Slate uses Juniper Square to track investments in three European portfolios, various Canadian opportunistic portfolios, along with separate account vehicles, and the ability to do everything necessary to manage those investments on a daily basis. From issuing capital call and distribution notices, to having a system that automatically generates and distributes investor communications to all their contact lists, Juniper Square saves them a remarkable amount of time, which they have been able to redirect to activities that have a more meaningful impact on their business.

Customer Overview

Founded in 2005, Slate Asset Management is a leading, value-oriented, real estate-focused alternative investment platform with approximately $6.5 billion in assets under management. A significant sponsor of both private and publicly traded investment vehicles, they manage a growing array of opportunistic and value-add strategies in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Slate prides itself on their careful and selective investment approach, which creates long-term value with an emphasis on capital preservation and outsized returns.


Previously, Slate used a large enterprise CRM provider. It offered plenty of bells and whistles, but it was overwhelming and not built with real estate investment managers in mind. According to Cain, “We were spending too much time managing data fields instead of managing relationships.” The team at Slate decided they wanted a solution that they could customize with relevant real estate information so they could better cater to and meet the needs of their investors.

Search for a Solution

Slate began looking for a new technology solution that supported real estate relationship management, fundraising, and investor reporting, and could empower them to run their business more effectively. They found Juniper Square. The fact that Juniper Square was specifically focused on the real estate industry grabbed their attention. Its CRM and investor reporting tools sealed the deal. Jennifer Pyper, Vice President of Investor Relations at Slate, says the reason they chose Juniper Square was simple. “They provided us with the ability to have a real estate-focused CRM as well as all the functionality we needed to coordinate and distribute quarterly reports, capital calls, and distribution notices. Having a system that did both was something that was extremely attractive to us.” Since they adopted Juniper Square’s software in 2017, Slate has undergone a dramatic acceleration, particularly recently, in using the tools to understand how their investors interact with them on multiple levels and how to streamline fund administration and investor reporting across their business lines.


Slate now has access to all the right information in one place to support its fundraising, relationship management and investor reporting initiatives. With Juniper Square, the Slate team delivers timely, error-free reporting, empowering them to improve the client experience at each and every interaction and ensuring their investors feel valued and more informed. Juniper Square has also helped Slate improve their capital raising because they have a holistic view of relevant client and prospect data and can share that knowledge with each other in real time to make their outreach and fundraising efforts even more effective.

With Juniper Square, the Slate team has also reduced time spent on routine tasks, which they have redirected to activities that can grow their business, develop more meaningful relationships with investors, and allow them to capitalize on their belief that deals and relationships should be built to last.

As Jennifer puts it, “Juniper Square has complemented our growth. As we’ve continued to grow and evolve, Juniper Square has been there to offer assistance.” And as Slate’s business has expanded so too have Juniper Square’s features, allowing Slate to collect more and better data, which they’ve been able to use to better understand their customers and deliver a faster, more efficient, and more responsive level of service.

“Technology will never replace the importance of human interaction, but our understanding of our clients and our relationship with them can be enhanced through technology,” Jerry Cain, Managing Director at Slate, said. “At the core of our business, we’re trying to build relationships and deals that last, and we’re trying to do everything we can with technology to support that.”

Your CRM and reporting tools should allow you to run your business and serve your investors seamlessly. Juniper Square does that better than any other tool I’ve seen.”

Jerry Cain

Managing Director

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