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Staubach Capital

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Customer Benefits

Cut to the chase

“Juniper Square has allowed us to consider more opportunities. In the past, we might have looked at a deal and thought, ‘We have to pass. There's no way we can run that alongside this other one.’ Now, we can manage additional investments and investors that would not have been possible without adding significant headcount.”

“Juniper Square has allowed us to keep a small and nimble team, which I think is one of the reasons we've been so successful—we’re able to move quickly and make fast decisions on opportunities and internal workflows.”

“Having an organized, modern platform gives our investors peace of mind. They can see that we’ve put a lot of money and effort into our internal systems and processes we use to manage their investments.”

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Customer Overview

Staubach Capital is a boutique real estate investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. Their principals have an average of more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of real estate investing including; multifamily acquisition, multifamily development, single-family for rent, office acquisition, office development, self-storage, and property technology. They attribute their growth to their track record, reputation of integrity, and focus on driving superior returns for their investors.

The Challenge

Managing more than 450 active investors and over 1,200 investor prospects via manual processes was proving to be time-consuming for Staubach Capital, causing them to potentially pass on opportunities. Managing spreadsheets and sharing documents with investors via scans and faxes was tedious and took valuable time away from the small and busy team.

“We only have four full-time employees on the corporate team, and about $200 million in equity that we manage,” Founding Partner Jeff Staubach explained. “We have our roles and titles; we manage the investments and the relationships. But in the end, we are a small business so we also manage the website, handle all the calls, and do anything else that’s needed—stock the kitchen, move cabinets down to the basement, install cubicles, you name it.”

With so many demands on the company’s resources, Jeff set out to find a technology solution that could optimize their administration processes and allow them to focus on growing the business.

The Process

Choosing a solution provider proved to be fast and simple: A partner suggested they consider Juniper Square, which they were already aware of and had heard positive things about.

“When we saw the demo, my mind was completely blown,” said Partner Tyler Arrington. “I thought, wow, so much of our team’s time could be reallocated to other things, which would allow us to maintain our current headcount and overhead as we grow the business."

While the team initially had reservations about how their investors would feel about digitization, those concerns were quickly alleviated. “A portion of our investor base is an older generation that has traditionally been a little more reluctant to adopt technology, which is common in the real estate industry,” Tyler said. “We expected a bit of pushback. But once we made the decision and launched the platform—words can’t express how relieved we were. We immediately received positive feedback from our investors."

Photo of Tyler Arrington, Partner

“Even minor things like updating an investor’s address used to be a hassle. Now, with Juniper Square, it’s so easy. Then you layer in all the other nuances of the platform—the ACH payment processing, the email blasts, the consent for electronic delivery of tax documents, the data rooms, even the ability to track if investors have accessed the data rooms—I could go on and on about all the things the platform has streamlined for us.”

Tyler Arrington, Partner
Staubach Capital

The Results

Jeff and Tyler said the three biggest benefits Staubach Capital has realized from using Juniper Square have been (1) better management of the subscription process, (2) improved investor management (addresses, contact information, CC relationships, etc.), and (3) more streamlined distribution processes via ACH.

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We absolutely love Juniper Square. It’s been a game-changer—we could not do our business without it.”

“The investor portal is great for two reasons,” said Jeff. “One, it’s a great resource for investors. They can go in at any time and pull their information to show to their accountants and do whatever they need to do. Secondly, we have found that it creates more investment dollars for us. When we send out a new opportunity, we immediately get responses because investors know they can just hit a button—they won’t have to deal with a fax or a scan. In fact, after doing two deals with us through Juniper Square, one of our most sophisticated investors said to us, ‘Guys, just pencil me in for every deal from now on.’ And that’s because we made it so easy for him through the platform.”

“Another thing I would add,” said Tyler, “is the ability to distribute money very quickly and efficiently via ACH. We used to have to cut checks and put them in the mail, which could take an entire day. And then we had to track the checks and make sure they were received and not lost somewhere. Now we can process a distribution within 15 minutes, and it can go to 40 people or more.”

Juniper Square has absolutely done wonders for us. Everything from logging expressed interest and soft commitments, to how clear the subscription docs are, to how quickly we can distribute money. It’s been mind-blowing.”

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