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Customer Benefits

Cut to the chase

“Now that we’re on Juniper Square, the amount of time I spend on email, fielding investor requests, and general admin tasks has gone down dramatically,” said Chaffetz.

“We’re able to provide investors a complete archive of their investment documents and a comprehensive picture of their relationship to our firm,” said Enslow.

“Knowing that we have one place for all of our client and investment information, that it’s secure and encrypted and regularly backed up, makes me feel that we’re being responsible with our valuable corporate data,” said Enslow.

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Customer Preview

Founded in 2011 by partners Dave Enslow and John Chaffetz, Timberlane has rapidly established a leading presence in the multi-family markets of Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles. Timberlane pursues its value-add investment strategy in partnership with high-net-worth individuals and family offices, and since its founding only four years ago, has rapidly grown to nearly $150M in AUM across 12 investments.

The Challenge

Timberlane is fortunate to have capital partners who include senior leaders within the financial services industry. However, given their industry roles these investors had high expectations when it came to investor reporting and back office operations.

“I knew that to reach the next level of scale we would need to invest in systems and technology infrastructure,” said John Chaffetz, a Timberlane Principal. “We wanted to show our capital partners that we were good stewards of capital by providing a robust and institutional client experience,” said Chaffetz.

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The Process

Chaffetz had a background in institutional finance, and was aware of the services provided by the incumbents. “Third party administration was both way out of budget and way more than we needed, as were the traditional PE software vendors” said Chaffetz. He added, “Plus, we were going to be the ones using the software, so it had to be easy to learn.”

“Juniper Square brought together all of the tools we needed—and none of the extra features we didn’t—into one solution that was easy to use and cost a fraction of the alternatives,” said Chaffetz.

Photo of David Enslow

From sending out the teasers to delivering K-1s—all of it happens now in Juniper Square. We're all very happy with it; most importantly, our investors are happy with it. So that makes me doubly pleased.

David Enslow

The Results

Timberlane now manages all of its client relationships using Juniper Square. “From sending out the initial teasers, to tracking investor interest, to doing distributions and delivering K-1s—all of it happens now in Juniper Square,” said David Enslow, Timberlane Principal. “The amount of time I save on emails alone is worth 5x what we pay for the product,” adds Chaffetz.

Timberlane’s rollout of its investor portal was met with unanimously positive feedback from its clients. “Our clients love that we are delivering the same level of experience as PE firms that are 100x our size. It really helps communicate our fiduciary mindset,” adds Enslow.

Metrics as of 5/1/2022

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