Urban Green Investments

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    Scaling AUM without scaling headcount.

    “We’ve doubled AUM and scaled our capital relationships to hundreds of private investors without having to add headcount, thanks to Juniper Square,” said Nazari.

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    More productive fundraising.

    “Finally I have the feedback loop to know what investors are doing with the information I send them, enabling me to focus my time in the right places. It’s made me massively more productive,” said Nazari.

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    System of record.

    “Juniper Square has created a system of record that replaced the hundreds of spreadsheets that used to dart around the office,” said Nazari.


Urban Green Investments is a fully integrated real estate investment and development company. The firm invests both directly and in conjunction with partners, including local sponsors, institutions, and individual investors. It’s not uncommon for Urban Green to have one new offering per month, and each investment typically has over 30 investors.


As the firm grew, so did their offerings and investors. “We were growing so quickly that it became challenging to report to our investors in an organized and systematic way. We had been managing our investors and investments in spreadsheets, and that method just wasn’t scaling along with our business,” said Jasmine Nazari, Head of Investor Relations.


Urban Green considered a number of real estate crowdfunding companies that also licensed their internal investor management tools to customers. Initially, they were attracted to low sticker prices, but ultimately Urban Green developed concerns around data security. “Our relationship with our investors and the integrity of their confidential data are of absolute importance to our business,” said Nazari. “In this age of heightened awareness of data security, we needed to be confident that we could trust our technology partner–both that they were state of the art when it came to the technical measures, but also that they didn’t have a conflict of interest from being a capital markets participant,” added Nazari.

In addition, Urban Green found other solutions to be incapable of handling any but the most basic LLC syndication structures. “Because there was no formulaic structure to our deals, we needed a solution that was flexible and could scale with us through JV partnerships, multi-asset structures, and even funds down the line. We just didn’t see the others scaling with our company’s growth over time,” concluded Nazari.

Juniper Square has created a system of record that replaced the hundreds of spreadsheets that used to dart around the office.

Jasmine Nazari



“Not only do we feel that Juniper Square excels at representing the professional ethos of our brand, but streamlining the fundraising process gave me the ability to be incredibly productive. Without a staff, I’m able to manage multiple fundraisings and hundreds of investor contacts without additional support,” said Nazari.

“Juniper Square has made us more connected with our investors, and the fundraising process has become substantially more effective,” said Nazari. “We can see data such as when our investors open the documents we send them, which makes us more productive in our fundraise. Investors now have all critical investment information at their fingertips. They are now a lot happier with us and now only reach out with more important, specific questions.”

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