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Survey Results: The State of Venture Capital in 2023

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While the slowdown began in 2022, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in early March shook the venture industry and shined a brighter-than-ever light on the space. To go beyond the headlines, Juniper Square surveyed nearly 100 venture fund professionals about their concerns, plans, and focus areas for the rest of the year.

We found that:

  • 63% of VC firms plan to raise capital this year, but most believe the process will be more difficult than before. Just how difficult seemed to depend on the size of the fund;

  • Respondents said the most pressing concern from their LPs is around exits. And without a steady liquidity source, LPs will likely be more cautious in backing new VC funds;

  • 40% said they wanted to invest in better LP reporting to facilitate the flow of information between them and their investors.

Despite the many headwinds they face, VCs are still focused on doing new deals this year. As one said, “As soon as there's clarity on rates and inflation, expect rapid rebounding and dry powder to be shot out at a rapid pace.”