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Industry Research

Learn how the highest-performing GPs are building stronger investor relationships today

Learn how the highest performing G Ps are building stronger investor relationships today Resource Page

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This special report provides insight and analysis on how GPs are building stronger relationships and earning introductions to new investors.

Download the 2022 Investment Partnerships Survey summary to see:

  • What factors are most important for building successful investment partnerships
  • What the highest-performing GPs are doing differently
  • What GPs are providing in their investor portals (and how investors use them)
  • How Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology is being used to provide a competitive edge
  • The one technology integration that is driving more repeat investors and referrals
  • Why some technology deployments fail (and how you can avoid making the same mistakes)

About the survey

The survey was fielded May 5-19, 2022 by Benchmark Research Partners, and 97 senior executives from a mix of U.S.-based private equity real estate firms participated.