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White Paper

Get the right administration support

Modern administration white paper

Read the modern administration white paper

Modern Administration helps you navigate changes in private markets and overcome the limitations of old approaches to administration.

This white paper will show you:

  • What Modern Administration partners and processes should provide you, your business, and your investors
  • How outdated approaches to administration could be holding you back
  • The questions you need to ask your current administrator (or when selecting a new one)
  • How to get the most value from your administration partner

Use it to make sure you get the administration support you need.

About this white paper

The team that developed this white paper has deep, cross-functional experience working in-house at large and small fund administrators, private equity and venture capital firms, and in audit. They've solved complex finance and administration challenges, developed high-performing teams, and they understand complicated financial situations and structures, the unique needs of different types of investors, and how to improve everything from document creation to year-end processes. Most importantly, they're committed to modernizing administration—and this white paper is just the first step in helping to educate GPs and transform administration to better serve them and their investors.