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Insights & Ideas: Chris Powers, Fort Capital

Insights ideas Chris Powers Resource Page

Watch the on-demand recording here

Learn how Chris Powers built Fort Capital into one of the leading Texas-based real estate investment firms through a focus on industrial assets and providing a world-class investor experience.

We recently connected with Fort Capital founder and chairman Chris Powers to discuss what he’s learned building a vertically integrated investment management company with a track record of acquiring more than half a billion dollars in real estate assets across Texas.

In this conversation you'll hear about:

  • How Chris got started in real estate investing
  • Why Chris focuses on Twitter as a communications channel (and how he uses it)
  • The “democratization of capital” - and what that means for syndication
  • Challenges to growing an investor base
  • Why Chris decided to specialize and focus on industrial assets
  • Investing in existing assets versus new development
  • The case for industrial real estate
  • How to delight investors
  • Leadership and culture building
  • How to attract great talent to your team
  • Transitioning from CEO to chairman
  • Innovation and opportunities in commercial real estate over the next 5-10 years
  • Advice for staying current with new trends and opportunities in real estate