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The State of the Private Markets in 2024

Will the private markets turn a corner in 2024, an election year?

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Watch the on-demand now.

Global political instability, the upcoming U.S. elections, shifting interest rates—deep market instability remains as we head into 2024. And yet, hope springs eternal amongst the investment community. Private market LPs are in it for the long game, and there are reasons to believe the economy's cyclical nature is turning back around.

Our panel of industry experts included:

  • Eugene Tetlow, Managing Director, Juniper Square

  • Mark Tronstein, Managing Director, Real Estate for Andell Holdings,

  • Travis Lee Nelson, Partner at Kirkland & Ellis

  • Matt Diestel, Partner and head of U.S. venture capital & private equity at QIC

During the webinar, the panel discussed the softening of the VC market, how the right-sizing of valuations will help investments flow again, a general reticence to take risks in emerging markets, where opportunities may lie in real estate, and an even rosier picture rolling into 2025.

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Mark Tronstein
Managing Director
Andell Holdings

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Travis Lee Nelson, P.C.
Kirkland & Ellis

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Matt Diestel