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The Future of Institutional Reporting

The future of institutional reporting

Listen in on our expert panel discussion co-hosted by iREOC on the current state of GP-LP information sharing and opportunities for improvement.

Watch the on-demand recording here

What you'll learn

Register to hear our expert panelists discuss:

  • Reporting standards initiatives currently underway and how those task forces are progressing
  • How these initiatives are different from prior attempts and what is ultimately necessary to achieve successful outcomes
  • How can LPs ensure their reporting needs are being met without distracting their GPs from attaining return objectives?
  • How do investors view a potential tradeoff between depth versus breadth in reporting? Is there a happy medium that works for both LPs and GPs?
  • How is reporting being used by LPs today? Is it typically being used to meet compliance requirements or are LPs gleaning actionable insights that improve strategy and execution?