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The power of Modern Administration

An expansive approach to fund administration

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A technology-driven administrator

Juniper Square pairs world-class fund accountants with a universal system for managing the investment lifecycle to unlock the value of your data, create more transparency, drive alignment, and improve the overall LP experience.


A comprehensive solution for fund managers

Connecting the administration solutions and services every GP needs to proactively manage and thrive in a changing private markets industry.

Deliver an institutional-quality experience

Strengthen LP partnerships by unifying your teams around a single platform designed to improve the investor experience and cultivate deeper relationships

Unite around a single source of truth

Unlock the value of your partnership data by combining investor, investment, and accounting data to enable better and faster decision-making.

Drive operational excellency

Streamline fundraising, investment operations, and investor reporting by improving transparency and enabling shared workflows.

A better partner for the private markets

Modern administration is more than a list of administrative outputs. It mitigates the risks lurking in the legacy administrator model, including brittle structures and systems prone to error and confusion, to deliver enterprise-building value. Modern administration helps GPs impress investors, gain more confidence and control, and find more value from their data.

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