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Is your fund administrator holding you back?

Get a modern administrator for the modern market.

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The legacy fund administration model is broken

Disparate systems. Siloed data. Roll-ups and buyouts. The current model for fund administration has left many GPs at the mercy of employee turnover, higher prices, and sudden changes in service levels.

Compliance lapses

Data breaches and mismanagement

Accounting errors

Reports sent to the wrong people

Critical decision-makers left uninformed

Modern administration: We’ve reimagined what fund administration can be

In contrast to the disjointed systems and processes in place at legacy administrators today, Juniper Square’s administration solution helps GPs streamline their operations and ensure the consistency and accuracy of their investment data at every step.

Strengthen LP partnerships by unifying your teams around a single platform designed to improve the investor experience and cultivate deeper relationships.

Unlock the value of your partnership data by combining investor, investment, and accounting data to enable better and faster decision-making.

Streamline fundraising, investment operations, and investor reporting by improving transparency and enabling shared workflows.

Ryan Monteiro Civitas 2

While I could have hired a traditional fund administrator, I wanted a partner who was pushing the envelope, doing things faster and better. That’s why I decided to work with Juniper Square.

Ryan Monteiro
Civitas Capital Group