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Posted Jan 26, 2023

Announcing the 2022 Top Fundraisers

In 2021, 465 GPs used Digital Subscriptions to raise $10.9 billion in capital. In just a year, the number of firms using Digital Subscriptions jumped 40%, and those GPs raised 61% more capital, an astounding $17.5 billion.

Here are a few other highlights from our 2022 Top Fundraisers list.

  • GPs that used Digital Subscriptions raised 17% more capital than firms that did not
  • GPs increased the average amount of capital raised by 15%, adding millions to their balance sheets
  • The average LP position size grew by 19% year-over-year

Our 2022 Top Fundraisers list celebrates the 20 firms with the most successful year. Four GPs are making a repeat appearance. See the list.

Learn more about Digital Subscriptions and accelerate your fundraising today.