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Posted May 11, 2023

The Distribution Ep. 10: Jeff Toporek, Co-Founder and Principal of FD Stonewater

In the most recent episode of ​​The Distribution by Juniper Square, Brandon Sedloff sat down with Jeff Toporek, Co-Founder and Principal at FD Stonewater.

During their conversation, the two discussed:

  • Why Jeff is always looking for technological solutions to increase productivity, transparency, and efficiency;

  • How deals done in the next 18 months have the best chance of generating outsized returns; and

  • Jeff’s advice for firms looking to launch an open-ended fund

We’re taking advantage of what the curve is doing, putting hedges in place just to take risk off the table on swaps that don't even expire for another year. But there are truly unique opportunities in the market that I think everyone should be paying attention to.