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Posted Sep 19, 2023

Investing with a strong point of view

In episode 21 of ​​The Distribution by Juniper Square, Brandon Sedloff sat down with Taylor Mammen, CEO of RCLCO Fund Advisors (RFA), a real estate advisory service for institutional investors. Mammen and RFA have sourced, underwritten, and overseen investments on behalf of clients well in excess of $10 billion.

During their conversation, the two discussed:

  • Why it’s worth deploying capital when there’s a premium for taking on risk

  • Why Mammen expects to see a “proliferation” of open-ended funds coming out of the current uncertainty

  • How to build meaningful relationships with institutional investors

It starts with simple reporting—being able to provide financial statements and performance analytics within a short period of time to investors. It sounds super simple but not many do it very well. It's important to the LP because that's the only way that they can evaluate how they're doing as an investor.

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