Investor relations and administration solutions for every business

Juniper Square evolves with your business. Find the perfect plan to fit your needs.



All-in-one investor relations software for sponsors with up to $200M in capital.


  • CRM
  • Data Rooms
  • Digital Subscriptions
  • Investor Portal
  • Distribution Notices


Comprehensive solutions for businesses with robust investor requirements.

Includes Sponsor, plus:

  • Juniper Square for Outlook
  • Dynamic Subscriptions
  • Net Income Accounting
  • Advanced Structures


Flexible and tailored solutions for businesses that manage institutional capital.

Includes Professional, plus

  • ILPA Compliant Statements
  • Management Fee Ledger
  • Employee Participation Plans
  • Dedicated Success Manager
Investor Portal   
Investment Correspondence  
Account Overview  
Balances and Metrics  
Document Sharing  
Investor-Controlled Profiles  
Transaction Details  
Detailed Asset Reporting  
Investor Management  
Data Management Tools  
Activity Tracking  
Lead Management  
Custom Fields  
Juniper Square for Outlook  
Prospect Management  
Customizable Data Rooms  
NDA Automation  
E-Signature Support  
Digital Subscriptions  
Document Watermarking  
Multiple NDAs  
Dynamic Subscriptions  
Prospect Table Customization  
Identity & Watchlist Screening
Custom Stationery  
Capital Calls and Distribution Notices  
Personalized Investment Summaries  
NAV Statement  
Capital Account Statements  
Net income Notices  
ILPA Notices   
Management Fee Notices  
Manage Distributions  
Basic Investment Structures  
Accounting Data Import  
Waterfall Automation  
Configurable Transaction Types  
Configurable Performance Metrics  Yield, DPI, Completed IRRProjected IRR, RVPI, TVPITime-weighted Returns
Investor Transfers  
Advanced Investment Structures  
Investment Data Export  
Net Asset Value (NAV) Accounting  
Net Income Accounting  
Open End Funds
User Permissions & Audit Log  
Management Fee Ledger  
Compliance & Governance*   
Advanced User Permissions  
Compliance Audits    
Off-Cloud Backups  
Email Archive  
Enhanced SLA  
Contact Partitioning & Employee Participation Plans

* module requires additional fee

Data Services   
Accounting Systems Integration  priced separately
Data Connector  priced separately
Customer Success   
Education Resources  
Customer Support  
Success Manager


Fund Administration

Outsourced administration of fund financials and partnership information via a modern portal experience.

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Deal Administration

Management of portal data, subscriptions and distributions for the time-starved professional who manages deals.

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Portal Boost

Expert guidance and hands-on configuration of partnership data, digital subscriptions, and investor reports.

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