Institutional Reporting

The first technology that unites GPs & LPs around a shared set of reporting data, designed to deliver efficiency, accuracy and control


A single record serves many requests

GPs only need to maintain one record of a given property or fund, and can control what data and level of detail gets shared with each of their investors. This makes it easier to provide more accurate, timely and standardized data, and it eliminates the need for custom LP templates and ad-hoc data requests.


The system leading LPs choose

The first reporting solution designed from the ground up for both LP and GP needs. Free of charge, Juniper Square offers Institutional LPs consolidated access to their data from GPs in their preferred format, a process which used to require significant work on both sides to achieve. LPs are able to reduce errors and time spent consolidating data, and at the same time GPs streamline their data sharing process.


Over $1 Trillion in Assets

Since Juniper Square works with many of the country’s largest GPs, including 59 of the 2020 PERE Top 100, much of the data LPs need is already in the system. This means that when new LPs join the Institutional Reporting network and access their unique data, they can do so with minimal additional work from their participating GPs.

In a short period of time, Juniper Square has emerged as a clear leader in real estate reporting... The time saved by not needing to go email by email to extract data allows me to focus on managing our portfolio.”

Judy McMahan

Senior Portfolio Manager, Real Estate,
UPS Pension Investments

The Juniper Square platform has made it much easier to analyse and report consistently on asset level data, it helps us improve our portfolio management tooling on issues such as climate risk assessments and portfolio impact analysis.”

Robert Wagenaar

Manager International Finance,

Juniper Square has been able to help solve many pain points in terms of data collection, reporting and analytics. Their platform proved useful in providing great insight for our portfolio.”

Isabelle Martin

Senior Vice President, Real Estate Investment Funds,
Ivanhoe Cambridge

Juniper Square has proven to be a collaborative and forward thinking platform to work with. Operating at the crossroads of technology and real estate investing, they are quickly becoming an important link in our portfolio reporting, GP communications, and monitoring processes.”

Tony Breault

Senior Real Estate Investment Officer,
Oregon State Treasury


Institutional Reporting for GPs

Invited GPs can use Juniper Square to streamline reporting to the world's largest LPs. The solution eliminates one-off templates and custom reports, by automatically and securely delivering requested data to investors and 3rd parties as designated by GPs.

  • Report to all institutional LPs in Juniper Square network
  • Import a single feed of standardized investment data
  • Control which data each LP can access
  • Review system calculations before publishing
  • Export data into standard formats for 3rd party reporting
  • Configure internal permissions to support complex reporting teams

Leading Investment Management Solution

Juniper Square delivers efficient and secure reporting to some of the world's largest real estate investment managers.


Institutional Reporting for LPs

Free of charge for Institutional LPs, Juniper Square offers a single login to securely access consolidated investment data from participating GPs, empowering LPs to analyze their portfolios and make good investment decisions.

  • Request standardized data from all GPs
  • Aggregate details on positions, funds, and properties
  • Analyze performance metrics
  • Slice and dice portfolio to understand exposure
  • Export data for use in other internal systems
  • Export data into industry standard formats

Learn how Institutional Reporting will let you deliver efficiency, accuracy and control.