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Capital market insights for modern private partnerships

Providing industry insights, content guides, and other Partnership Enablement resources to support our customers and their investment partners through every stage of partnership.

15 Tips to Streamline the Year End Process

15 tips to streamline the year-end process

Juniper Square gathered CRE leaders, tax planning, and fund administration experts to discuss year-end challenges. Here are 15 tips to make the process run smoothly.

How CRE Investors Are Fundraising in 2021

How CRE Investors are Fundraising in 2021

See results from the latest Juniper Square fundraising survey and hear CRE leaders Natalie Greenberg of MJW Investments and Ernest Johnson of ApexOne discuss best practices for raising capital in today's environment.

JSQ CRE Survey Results Blog

Research results: CRE executives share fundraising strategies for 2021

In our annual CRE capital-raising survey, we asked executives about their fundraising and capital-raising plans for 2021.

How Technology Can Fuel CRE Sponsors Fundraising Success

How technology can fuel CRE GPs’ fundraising success

Nearly 90% of managers planning to raise more capital in 2021 say they would like to accelerate their growth via faster and more efficient fundraising.

Fund Admin blog post Feb2021 3

Juniper Square Fund Administration: $2B AUA added over the past quarter

We highlight the breadth of firms and funds we’re working with and share some of the considerations that factored into their decision-making process.

QA How Technology Is Reshaping the Way CRE Investment Management Is Done

Q&A: How technology is reshaping the way CRE investment management is done

GowerCrowd's Adam Gower connected with Juniper Square’s Brandon Sedloff to discuss how digital technology is changing CRE investment management.

Whats in Store for the CRE Industry in 2021 Highlights from the IMN Real Estate Private Equity Forum

What's in store for the CRE industry in 2021: Highlights from the IMN Real Estate Private Equity Forum

Find out what CRE investment managers anticipate for the real estate industry and how you can adapt and thrive in 2021 and beyond.

What Institutional Investors Want From Their Real Estate Managers

What institutional investors want from their real estate managers

Juniper Square gathered the largest institutional LPs in the U.S. to ask them what’s on their minds as they think about real estate now and in the future.

Juniper Squares 2020 Highlights

Juniper Square’s 2020 highlights

Juniper Square achieved its biggest year yet in 2020. With unprecedented events that reshaped our world, we remain more committed than ever to our vision.

9 Things That Make Investment Management Software Easy To Use

9 things that make investment management software easy to use

Here are 9 criteria to consider when evaluating whether investment management software will be user-friendly.

Tom Stults Made the Move Find Out How and Why He Outsourced Fund Administration

Tom Stults made the move: Find out how and why he outsourced fund administration

Looking for ways to improve your operations? See how outsourcing can reduce risks, provide operational efficiencies, and improve investor satisfaction.

A 360 Degree View On Multifamily Assets From An Investor Investment Manager and Operator

A 360-degree view on multifamily assets from an investor, investment manager, and operator

Juniper Square led a multifamily investments discussion with experts representing the perspectives of an investor, investment manager, and operator.

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