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Posted Apr 15, 2021

4 Juniper Square updates that will make fundraising even more efficient

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Tech-enabled GPs not only fundraise faster than their non-tech counterparts, they also raise twice as much capital, according to this survey we conducted. Investment management software can make the fundraising process substantially more efficient, and using the right software tools can make all the difference.

We’re constantly building new tools to streamline fundraising and improve productivity. Here are several new features coming out this week that will make workflows even more efficient:

Juniper Square for Outlook

This Microsoft Outlook add-in brings the power of Juniper Square’s CRM directly to your inbox so that you can get context instantly on a contact without needing to leave Outlook. “The new Juniper Square feature on Outlook has significantly increased my overall productivity with a setup that lets me view everything I need in one place,” said Jedd Horn, director of capital markets for Alchemy Properties and Alchemy-ABR Investment Partners. “It’s a seamless integration and enables work to be perfectly streamlined.”

If you’re already a Juniper Square customer, you can install the add-in now.

Identity and Watchlist Screening

Managers often run diligence checks referred to as “KYC” (or “know your customer”) to confirm the identities of their investors and assess the risk of doing business with them. Running identity and watchlist screenings through Juniper Square’s digital subscription process makes it easier to track screening results and offers an easy-to-use, seamless experience for investors. Now GPs of any size have access to these diligence screenings.

Within the digital subscription process, investors will have the option to verify their identity by answering knowledge-based authentication questions instead of providing documents. This will speed up the subscription process for you and your investors, enabling you to close more subscriptions faster. Screening results are automatically updated in Juniper Square and you’ll get notified in the event there is a status change.

Verification process

Confirmation Notices

In addition to our broad library of flexible statements and notices, you can now create notices to confirm investors’ contributions, redemptions, and other capital activity, and to document any resulting changes in account value and ownership in the fund.

You can create these notices either individually or in bulk, as needed, and they are automatically customized for each recipient and delivered through the investor portal or by email, streamlining your investor communications.

Create reports

Learn How to Fundraise Faster With Juniper Square Academy

Are you fundraising this year? Bringing your subscription process fully online is one of the better ways to fundraise faster. With this Digital Subscriptions course, you’ll learn how to digitize the entire investor subscription process, including how to electronically sign subscription documents, track investors’ subscription status in real-time, create custom question sets, and more.

This course is available on Juniper Square Academy and is free to all customers. To access, click “Help” at the top of the screen when you are logged in to Juniper Square.

If you’re not a Juniper Square customer, contact us to learn more.