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Posted Aug 29, 2022

Five principles of effective Partnership Enablement

Five principles of effective Partnership Enablement

The key to broader participation and faster growth in private markets is the ability to build lasting partnerships between general partners and their investors. However, managing investor relationships can be time consuming and complex, and because the systems used to support partnerships lack shared visibility and workflow, GPs and LPs often fall short of fully optimizing their exchanges and investments.

In response, many industry participants have attempted to cobble together a variety of software and services and then incorporate them into existing processes. This approach has proven insufficient for facilitating efficient communication and the flow of capital between investment partners.

Now more than ever, GPs need a modern system that enables them to respond to changes in private markets, maximize outcomes for investors, and build thriving partnerships. That’s where Partnership Enablement comes in.

What is Partnership Enablement?

Partnership Enablement provides a universal system that allows investment partners to connect and communicate seamlessly across every interaction, unlocking the partnership’s full potential.

To be effective, Partnership Enablement must be:

  1. Shared: Enable better connection and communication through a shared view into partnership information.

  2. Scalable: Align around a seamless, integrated platform to create efficiencies and manage all aspects of the investor partnership in a single system, regardless of investor size or fund structure.

  3. Seamless: Unite expert practitioners with innovative and efficient workflows to deliver modern administration solutions that improve quality, transparency, cost, and overall experience for you and your LPs.

  4. Supported: Elevate standards for customer service and success, providing expert guidance and best practices at every stage of the partnership.

  5. Secure: Adhere to enterprise-grade infrastructure and security practices for managing and sharing sensitive communications and financial information.

By modernizing your approach to partnership management with a single system, you can build lasting relationships and identify exceptional investment opportunities—across every stage of every partnership.

Dive deeper into the five principles of Partnership Enablement in our white paper, where you’ll also gain valuable guidance that will help you determine whether you’re on the right path.

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