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Posted Nov 7, 2022

How far is your organization on the path to Partnership Enablement?

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A partnership isn’t just about the number of emails sent, quarterly statements uploaded, or meetings booked. It’s about building trust between GPs and LPs at every interaction with the help of a unified ecosystem.

We call that Partnership Enablement.

Earlier this year we published a white paper on the five principles of Partnership Enablement:

  • Shared - Information is comprehensive and easily shared across all partners

  • Scalable - All aspects of the partnership are managed in a single system that grows as needed

  • Seamless - Innovative and efficient workflows keep everyone on the same page

  • Supported - Client service teams provide expert guidance and best practices at every stage

  • Secure - Sensitive communications and financial information are protected by enterprise-grade infrastructure and security practices

By focusing on these principles, GPs can spend more time doing what they do best – building better businesses.

So how close, or far, is your firm from true operational excellence?

Our Partnership Enablement Scorecard can help you understand where your team is excelling and where there are opportunities to better connect and communicate with your LPs. Get your score.