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Posted Feb 4, 2021

Juniper Square Fund Administration: $2B AUA added over the past quarter

Fund Admin blog post Feb2021 3

In just the past three months, Juniper Square Fund Administration has added more than $2 billion in assets under administration (AUA). Our real estate fund administration team supports a wide variety of equity and debt funds, as well as more complex real estate fund structures: open-ended funds, REITs, master-feeder funds, offshore entities, and parallel funds.

As the #1 software provider of commercial real estate investment management, we know how essential technology is for running efficient, integrated operations and delighting investors. It may not be the only ingredient for success, but for the most competitive managers, leading technology is a requirement internally and for any third parties. With Juniper Square Fund Administration, we couple purpose-built software with expert servicing to provide an unparalleled manager and investor experience.

In welcoming our latest fund administration clients, we wanted to highlight the breadth of firms and funds we’re working with, and share some of the partnership, efficiency, investor, and expertise considerations that factored into their decision-making process.

Seamless and transparent partnership

Expertise and responsive service is crucial, and our technology-first approach augments these to enable a more effective partnership. With Juniper Square Fund Administration, managers get access to dedicated senior accountants who act as an extension of their team and take charge of activities like creating capital calls or setting up distributions. At the same time, the software provides real-time access to all investor transactions and capital accounts, making it easy for both parties to stay on the same page. Compare that to the experience of traditional fund administrators, where the lack of integrated, purpose-built technology can result in communication delays and limited visibility.

Michael Hoffenberg, Managing Partner at Trevian Capital, has been enjoying this heightened partnership since selecting Juniper Square to administer Trevian Capital Debt Fund, LP.

Juniper Square is a natural extension of our firm. Their integrity, attention to detail, and alignment with our interests makes it feel like everyone is pulling the oar in the same direction. From our investor interface to fund administration, they are truly a part of our investor relationship team and we couldn’t be happier.

As Hoffenberg also recognizes, our technology begets trust by enabling both teams to work in a single, integrated system with greater visibility. “Beyond dedicated team members, the technology behind the Juniper Square Fund Administration experience further increased our trust and the sense that we are ‘one team’.”

Increased efficiency

By leveraging our committed team and technology, managers enjoy more streamlined, efficient processes and error-free work that starts with the initial onboarding. For clients transferring from other fund administrators, our specialized Product Operations team manages end-to-end data migrations. This makes transitions painless and sets the stage for accurate, integrated work in a single platform. David Perel, Chief Investment Officer at NewcrestImage, notes that time savings are “significant as a result of centralizing all fund management document storage and investor communication.”

Brian Kuzniar, Principal at Creek Lane Capital, similarly identifies how technology-driven improvements to their reporting processes lead to more efficient and higher-quality work. “The seamless integration with the Juniper Square investor portal simplifies many investor reporting functions and reduces the risk of error.” And these efficiencies help managers scale their business without adding new resources. “Engaging with Juniper Square Fund Administration allows us to increase productivity and investment capacity without adding significantly to headcount,” explains Kuzniar.

Unmatched investor experience

Beyond better partnership and heightened efficiency, our technology-first approach also improves the investor experience. Investors today expect dynamic and accessible reporting, and our industry-leading portal delivers on-demand insights to LPs. For managers and investors used to static portals, it’s a transformative upgrade. “We can’t say enough about the investor portal, which is above and beyond the others we viewed,” says Austin Carlson, Head of Sales and Investor Relations at Parkview Financial.

Kate O’Connor is Senior Vice President of Trueline Capital, which had used the Juniper Square software to benefit investors for over a year before adding fund administration.

The Juniper Square platform allowed us to seamlessly scale our investor administration. Our investors already appreciated having everything in an easy-to-use portal. With the addition of fund administration services, these benefits are compounded as investors now also have access to comprehensive and trustworthy independent reporting in the investor portal.

Real estate expertise

Deep real estate knowledge and fund administration expertise should not be a luxury. But, surprisingly, almost no fund administrators focus specifically on real estate. This matters because real estate managers need a fund administrator that is skilled in consolidating asset-level financials and can easily handle the complex and unusual structures common to real estate. Other fund administrators may cover the basics, but few can provide that next level of expertise. Juniper Square does.

When choosing an administrator focused on real estate, managers can trust they’re in the hands of an experienced team that’s seen it all before. Austin Carlson, Head of Sales and Investor Relations at Parkview Financial, recounts how real estate expertise factored into Parkview’s search for a fund administrator, “As Parkview continues to grow, our goal was to find a fund admin that combined an institutional platform with extensive real estate experience and the ability to manage the treasury complexities required for a construction debt fund.” Juniper Square delivered on all fronts, and Parkview joined the good company of firms using Juniper Square to administer their debt funds.

Meet some of our recent clients

The real estate industry is diverse and the newest additions to our client roster this quarter reflect that, with a mix of debt funds, opportunity zone funds, parallel funds, and REITs ranging in size from $10 million to over $500 million.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the firms that partner with Juniper Square Fund Administration.

  • The Integral Group LLC (“Integral”) is an Atlanta-based real estate development and investment company focused on development projects across the United States. Juniper Square will administer their Integral Real Estate Fund, which is focused on the acquisition and development of affordable and workforce housing. As a commingled investment vehicle, it will target investments in mixed-income, multifamily assets, including expiring Low-Income Housing Tax Credit projects and distressed but well-situated subsidized housing assets, which offer various combinations of affordable, workforce, and market-rate housing components.
  • Trevian Capital is an established middle-market real estate finance company that provides short-term, senior-secured bridge loans for multifamily and commercial real estate opportunities nationwide. Juniper Square will administer the Trevian Capital Debt Fund, LP, a current income debt strategy consisting of originating and holding senior secured multifamily and commercial real estate loans nationwide with an average loan to value of approximately 65% with monthly distributions.
  • Parkview Financial manages a residential and commercial construction debt fund that offers diversification, uncorrelated returns, and a solid track record. By combining expertise in loan sourcing, underwriting, project cost analysis, and structuring with rigorous due diligence, Parkview creates a strong yield opportunity for investors.
  • PTM Partners (PTM) is a real estate investment and development firm focused on Qualified Opportunity Zones. PTM seeks community-oriented development opportunities that create substantial value for residents, partners, and investors by making investment decisions that balance reputation, long-term profitability, and social impact.
  • Trueline Capital selected Juniper Square to administer Trueline Capital Fund II, a single-family real estate debt fund for accredited investors. As an asset-based construction debt fund, Fund II provides investors with diversified access to a managed portfolio of residential construction loans throughout the Pacific Northwest.
  • Casoro Group is an award-winning real estate investment firm seeking opportunity in the Sunbelt region for its family office, high-net worth, and institutional clients. Juniper Square will be administering Upside Avenue, their multifamily REIT, which allows all investors to enjoy the benefits of multifamily real estate investing.
  • Creek Lane Capital is a real estate private equity firm founded in 2016 with the goal of generating long-term wealth through a “build/reposition to core” investment strategy focused on accumulating a portfolio of high-quality properties in select U.S. markets.
  • Fifield Companies has developed premier urban developments in major markets, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and Southeast Florida for more than 40 years.
  • NewcrestImage is a real estate investment and management company, predominantly focused on the lodging industry. Juniper Square will be managing two-closed end funds that invest in value-added real estate assets, primarily in the lodging space, to deliver superior risk adjusted returns.

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