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Posted Aug 18, 2018


JSQ blog post 2 v2

Hi there,

Four and a half years ago, we started Juniper Square, and we’re now happy to announce that we’ve started a blog.

Here, our team will be sharing our thoughts on private capital markets, investment trends, technology, and commercial real estate. We’ll also cover topics that are near and dear to our users’ hearts, such as investor relations, fundraising, reporting, compliance, and more.

Our goal is to deliver content that’s truly useful to our customers and the private equity industry at large. Not clickbait, but rather thoughtful, actionable content—either based on our experience serving hundreds of real estate private equity firms, or on interviews with experts and leaders in the field.

From the beginning in starting Juniper Square, it was clear to us that capital markets were moving to software. We saw enormous opportunity to help the real assets sector adapt to this change. Real estate is a tremendously large industry, and one of the major frontiers of growth in alternatives, yet it’s also historically been one of the slowest adopters of technology. We see a path to helping the industry leapfrog out of Excel and into modern software, in much the same way that some developing countries skipped landlines and went straight to mobile phones.

We’re in the very early days of what we believe will be a transformational shift of private capital markets activities into software. Our job is to help our customers adapt to that change, and as a result, improve how capital markets function for the benefit of everyone.

We’re excited for the journey (and posts) ahead.

-Alex, Adam, and Yonas