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Take charge of your fund data

When information is trapped in spreadsheets, any attrition on your team or turnover at your fund administrator means the clever workarounds accountants built to manage your fund financials go with them. Data management issues compound, exposing your firm and your reputation to operational risks.'

Fund administration by Juniper Square puts you in the driver's seat with a shared system for managing, accessing, and securing investment information.

CUSTOMER STORY: Avanath Capital Management gains access and control over its data

With fund administration by Juniper Square, Avanath can offer key stakeholders one easy-to-use platform, breaking free from data silos and reducing the risk of human error.

WHAT MAKES JUNIPER SQUARE DIFFERENT: A modern approach to fund administration

Fund administration by Juniper Square pairs expert fund accountants with a shared system for managing the entire investment lifecycle. Our integrated solutions build efficiency and resiliency across your organization by ensuring the integrity of your data, streamlining operations, and empowering your teams to do their best work.


Organize around a single source of truth for investor information, fund financials, transactions, performance returns, and more.


Provide critical investment information to stakeholders across finance, investor relations, and compliance—all on demand.


Review and approve capital events, investor statements, payments, and more with workflows that unite you and your administration team.

Matt gifford avanath photo

Juniper Square allows our accounting team, our fundraising team, and our C-suite to see data in one place versus going to separate Excel spreadsheets, separate software, or digging through random files saved on our computers.

Matt Gifford
Director of Fund Accounting

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