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Digital Subscriptions & Data Rooms

Digital tools to raise more capital with less effort

Modernized fundraising tools help reduce manual work, deliver faster closes, and create a more frictionless experience for internal teams and investment partners.

WHAT WE OFFER: Purpose-built software to attract investment capital and automate investor onboarding

Integrated for a better fundraising experience, dynamic data rooms, digital subscriptions, and purpose-built fundraising dashboards combine to improve strategy and accelerate time to close.

Digital subscriptions

Reduce paperwork, eliminate errors, and enhance the LP experience by auto-populating subscription documents.

Customizable data rooms

Increase credibility with secure, comprehensive access to data and documents—all in one place.

Digital subs screenshot

Streamline fundraising

Eliminate the manual effort and added risk of paper-based subscriptions by shifting to digital subscriptions.

Impress potential investors

Professionally present investment opportunities via intuitive, interactive, and secure data rooms.

Raise more capital

Leverage pipeline tracking to inform targeted outreach and improve fundraising strategy.

Key features: Streamlined, secure, and automated

Better prospect management

Manage, measure, and track your fundraising pipeline, so you can focus on key prospects and raise more capital faster.

Enhanced subscription workflow

Fundraise faster by providing an intuitive subscription experience for your LPs.

Countersignature workflow

Complete your countersignature process within Juniper Square for added security, a more streamlined subscription review process, and better document tracking.

Identification and screening

Meet industry security standards by screening prospective investors against government watchlists.

Serving investment partnerships across private markets

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    $1 trillion

Partnership Enablement allows GPs and LPs to connect, communicate, and collaborate throughout the entire private investment lifecycle—all based on a single source of truth.