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Capital market insights for modern private partnerships

Providing industry insights, content guides, and other Partnership Enablement resources to support our customers and their investment partners through every stage of partnership.

2021 Fundraising fact sheet Facts figures insights

[Fact Sheet] 2021 fundraising fact sheet: facts, figures, & insights

In a competitive market for assets, data shows that those who are digitally enabled are in a better position to raise capital.

The Man Behind the Mall QA with Strip Mall Guy

The man behind the mall: a Q&A with Strip Mall Guy

Strip Mall Guy, as he's known on Twitter, sat down with Juniper Square and talked openly about all things real estate including the importance of mentorship.

Bakersfield to Billions Gelt Inc s Keith Wasserman Gets Results

Bakersfield to billions: Gelt Inc.’s Keith Wasserman gets results

Keith Wasserman of Gelt, Inc. knows about getting results. How did he end up with a portfolio worth nearly $2 billion? See how his decision-making prowess helped him grow his firm into what it is today.

Video thumbnails keith wasserman

Gelt Inc.'s Keith Wasserman gets results

See LA real estate and #ReTwit legend, Keith Wasserman, discuss growing Gelt, Inc. from a small fourplex to a portfolio of self-storage worth nearly $2 billion.

Juniper Square 2021 Highlights

Juniper Square 2021 highlights

As the leading provider of investment management solutions, we’re reflecting on a year filled with milestones including new partnerships and offerings.

Investment operations infographic

[Infographic] What GPs want from their administrators

Most GPs are focused on the investor experience. See where administrators fit in.

Data Driven Insights for Real Estate Investment Managers 2x

Data-driven insights for real estate investment managers

Juniper Square is proud to announce Insights, a new way for investment managers to optimize their fundraising effectiveness and better inform their investor relations strategies.

Video thumbnails insights

Make Better Decisions with Data-driven Insights

Insights, Juniper Square’s powerful business intelligence (BI) tool, is designed to help you optimize your fundraising effectiveness, inform investor relations strategies, and make better decisions about where to focus your time.

Nick Huber Talks about CRE Marketing and Other Things at Re convene

Nick Huber talks about CRE marketing (and other things) at Re-Convene

In the 2nd installment of our series on real estate industry leaders, Nick Huber, owner of Bolt Storage LLC, shares CRE marketing insights that can help transform any firm and win new business.

Investment Operations and Administration

Research results: Better investment administration needed to support growing LP expectations

A recent survey of CRE executives provides insights on the industry drivers and challenges CRE investment managers are facing in operations and administration today.

Video thumbnails nick huber

Nick Huber talks about CRE Marketing (and other things)

Watch Nick Huber discuss CRE marketing (and more) with host Moses Kagan at Re-convene, Real Estate Private Equity’s “Un-Conference".

Commercial real estate executive survey Investment operations administration

[Report] Commercial real estate executive survey: investment operations & administration

Find out what your peers think about investor expectations and their administration partners.

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