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Posted Nov 15, 2022

Effective Partnership Enablement Part 2: the value of shared information

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We recently provided an overview of effective Partnership Enablement and outlined its role in enabling GPs to respond to changes in private markets, maximize outcomes for investors, and build thriving partnerships.

We explained that to be effective, Partnership Enablement must be:

  1. Shared

  2. Scalable

  3. Seamless

  4. Supported

  5. Secure

In this post, we drill down into what it means for Partnership Enablement to be shared.

A shared view into partnership information enables better connection and communication with LPs.

92% of GPs agree that transparency is vital to building successful relationships.

As investors increasingly interface with public markets and their brokers through digital applications, their expectations for access, communication, and transparency continue to rise. Increasingly, GPs are realizing that the investor experience is central to growth. In fact, 92% agree that transparency is critical to building successful relationships.

Delivering better investor experiences in private markets requires shared visibility and workflow around partnership details, enabled through an interactive, on-demand portal. Investors should be able to easily view account-wide returns, drill into the performance of specific funds or assets, and update subscription or payment details—all with the click of a button.

Despite this, many GPs continue to rely on basic portals that serve only as a repository for static, incomplete PDFs and fail to enable investors to self-manage their account information, investment preferences, and payment details.

Our Investment Operations and Administration Survey revealed that a great investor experience prompts:

  • More repeat business (86%)
  • More referrals (83%)
  • Larger investment commitments (62%)

An investment-focused platform for all private partnerships

Juniper Square’s platform is designed for Partnership Enablement and is fully integrated with all investment data, data rooms, and investor portals. It helps you:

  • Streamline communications – Leverage investor target lists and automated communications to create and maintain stronger partnerships.

  • Simplify team collaboration – Deploy internal resources effectively through a shared task system and easy-to-use communication tools.

  • Gain a single view – Get a deeper understanding of partnerships via a unified view of prospects and investors, alongside historical communication and investment data.

Dive deeper into the five principles of Partnership Enablement in our white paper, where you’ll also gain valuable guidance that will help you determine whether you’re on the right path to effective partnerships.