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Posted Nov 22, 2022

Effective Partnership Enablement Part 3: the importance of scalable systems

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As we continue our blog series on effective Partnership Enablement, in which we’ve already covered the value of shared information, we turn our attention to what it means for Partnership Enablement to be scalable.

A platform for all investor sizes or fund structures

GPs who consistently invest in technology innovation are more than 2X as likely to raise more capital year over year than those GPs who do not.

Delivering an exceptional investor experience requires more than a portal; it requires enabling teams with the data, systems, and processes to manage that experience across the lifecycle of a partnership. Greater investment in technology improves the likelihood of meeting or exceeding capital-raising and acquisition goals.

However, not all technology platforms are created equal. You need purpose-built systems that deliver a consistent and complete view of partnership data to every team that interacts with investors, such as:

  • An investor CRM that supports fundraising efforts and incorporates details on investor positions, returns, and preferences.

  • An investor onboarding experience that flows seamlessly from the moment a prospect enters a data room to the moment they view their investments in a portal.

  • Digital generation of notices and statements connecting investment data the fundraisers see in their CRM with information that investors see in the portal.

  • Easy aggregation of the fundraising and investment data across these tools to provide insights that fuel business growth.

GPs who consistently invest in technology innovation are more likely to be on track to do more acquisitions year over year (53% versus 31%).

An industry-leading portal for Partnership Enablement

Juniper Square built a secure portal to support all partnership engagement – from documents and reports to profile information.

  • Delight investors – Leverage an easy-to-use, modern portal experience to increase investor engagement and satisfaction.

  • Communicate and coordinate effortlessly – Enable true bi-directional communication and coordination over shared partnership details.

  • Control access to sensitive information – Leverage enterprise-class access controls to ensure that the right information flows to the right people.