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Capital market insights for modern private partnerships

Providing industry insights, content guides, and other Partnership Enablement resources to support our customers and their investment partners through every stage of partnership.

Market Perspectives Canada

Market perspectives: Canada

Juniper Square's James Harkness spoke with Raj Mehta and Greg Speirs to get their perspectives on Canada’s commercial real estate market.

Navigating the covid 19 investment climate a conversation with Robb Bollhoffer

Navigating the Covid-19 investment climate: A conversation with Robb Bollhoffer

Juniper Square's Melissa Houston spoke with Robb Bollhoffer from 29th Street Capital to get his take on navigating the COVID-19 investment climate.

Nashville market overview

Market perspectives: Nashville

Juniper Square's Carrie Fruge speaks with 4 commercial real estate leaders based in Nashville about what they see happening in the local market.

Managing office assets in the time of Covid 19

Managing office assets in the time of Covid-19

Juniper Square's Melissa Houston hosted a conversation about the state of office assets in the time of COVID-19 with Brian Heafey and Darik Afshani.

Surverysummary2020 blogpost

CRE investors move forward in the face of uncertainty

In this survey, Juniper Square clients provide insights into how the global pandemic is affecting the commercial real estate market.

The institutional investors perspective in the time of Covid 19

The institutional investors’ perspective in the time of Covid-19

Juniper Square brought together Chris Ebersole, Christy Gahr, and Alisa Mall to discuss the long-term implications of the pandemic on real estate assets.

Market perspectives San Diego

Market perspectives: San Diego

Juniper Square's RJ Rotman leads a conversation with San Diego based-clients to discuss the current and future state of the San Diego real estate market.

Navigating Covid 19 with multifamily assets a conversation with Mark Mosch

Navigating Covid-19 with multifamily assets: A conversation with Mark Mosch

Mark Mosch, founding partner and CEO of AndMark, gives his take on navigating multifamily assets in the the COVID-19 environment.

Chris Powers explains the opportunities ahead

“The tailwinds behind technology just ramped up 10x”: Chris Powers explains the opportunities ahead

We spoke with Fort Capital founder and CEO Chris Powers to get his views on the increase in technology adoption and the opportunities moving forward.

Survey results Covid 19 impacts on commercial real estate

Survey results: Covid-19 impacts on commercial real estate

Juniper Square conducted a survey with client principles to learn more about how COVID-19 is affecting the world of CRE.

Why despite headwinds multifamily owners are optimistic

Why, despite headwinds, multifamily owners are optimistic

While real estate asset classes like retail and hospitality face headwinds, it’s likely COVID-19 won’t have as dramatic an effect on multi-family housing.

JSQ Series C blog post

Shaping a market: Our Series C and beyond

Juniper Square is proud to announce a $75M Series C investment led by Redpoint Ventures. Learn more about our story: where we’ve been, where we are today, and where we’re going next.

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