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Posted Dec 1, 2022

Effective Partnership Enablement Part 4: seamlessly integrating workflows

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We’ve previously explained that for Partnership Enablement to be effective it must be shared and scalable. In this post, we drill down into what it means for Partnership Enablement to be seamless.

Innovative workflows deliver modern administration

84% of GPs believe accurate, timely delivery of partnership notices and statements builds successful partnerships.

Fund administration–managing fund financials, treasury, and data production statements and notices–is inextricably linked to the partnership experience. Whether done in-house or managed through a third party, connecting administration workflow to investor touchpoints is critical. Eighty-four percent of GPs believe that accurate, timely delivery of partnership notices and statements is essential to building successful investment partnerships.

This may be easy enough to do if managed in-house; however, for GPs using a third party, only 24% reported that the investor experience is a focal point of their administrators’ offerings–and 43% said their administrators are not focused on it at all.

The concern doesn’t end with the LP experience. Administrators can often create data silos of their own, limiting information sharing within the organization and stifling growth. Even if managed in-house, many GPs indicated a disconnect among reporting systems, the investor portal, and CRM systems they use.

By modernizing administration, you can save time without adding operational overhead. Seamlessly integrating accounting workflows with your operations supports a single view of the partnership across fundraising, investor onboarding, and investor relations.

More importantly, delivering accounting outcomes in more innovative formats not only offers full transparency into the capital balance, but it also gives LPs the ability to view and understand the details in an intuitive, interactive, on-demand portal.

For details about all five fundamentals of Partnership Enablement, download our white paper, “Digital Partnership Enablement: How leading GPs scale their operations and deliver better outcomes for investors”.