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Technology-powered services designed for your administration needs

Scale efficiently

We help you scale your business without scaling costs

Seamless experience

A technology-first approach keeps everyone on the same page

Increase investor trust

Build trust with transparent and innovative administration


Comprehensive calculations you can trust

  • Enjoy real-time access as our team performs every calculation you need--from complex waterfalls to investment performance

Unparalleled transparency and responsiveness

  • Notices, statements, and reports that investors access on-demand via an industry-leading portal

Secure and timely payments

  • Save time and gain visibility into transactions through automated capital calls, distributions, and payment processing
Managed Subscriptions

More efficient subscriptions for both you and investors

  • Save time on fundraising and eliminate investor frustration with a frictionless online process that LPs prefer

Easily vet counterparties and sources of funds

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) and Watchlist monitoring checks integrate into subscriptions for security throughout a deal’s lifetime


Administration services span the investment lifecycle and scale with your business and investor needs. Start off with Managed Subscriptions, or select the full Fund Administration package for a comprehensive solution.

Fund Administration

Outsourced accounting, reporting, and treasury for fund managers

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Managed Subscriptions

Fully-managed online subscriptions and compliance for all managers

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The Juniper Square team has reduced our time spent on administrative tasks by 75%, utilizing better systems and technology to maintain a more accessible and transparent source of truth.

Tom Stults

Managing Partner
Watchung Capital

Juniper Square Administration Services

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